Monday, January 30, 2006

Vah... Monday.

Wasn't it JUST Monday a day or two ago? Man... Where is the time going? Gah!

I don't like this.

Well... I think I've finished the "letter from hell" and such... That was a problem. Gah. Both My Lady and my Mother have gone over it... And My Lady is going to look at it again, and then... With a few more corrections... It'll be in the "e-mail" world soon.


We're starving... So I can't stay long.

But I've had a nice time... We saw Underworld: Evolution last night... Great FLICK! Both of us really enjoyed it. Then we came home and had a nice "heavy drinking session" which was needed. Seriously.

I've been a bit rough this morning, but it was worth it.

One quick link... To a nice write up about a fairly interesting artist. Don't go here, unless YOU TOO are an artist, otherwise you may be bored. Use: Bug Me Not to avoid signing in to the NY Times.

Okay... I'm off. Have a good one, readers.