Sunday, January 29, 2006


I'm currently taking a break from writing a rather excruciating letter of support for an application to a rather wonderful job in Britain.

Yeah... Yeah.... I know, Britain.

But it's a nice job. (I'm not writing what it is here, 'cause I don't want people I know to become competition. ;-) )

Anyhoo... It's awful trying to write these things. I mean... A "cover letter" is bad enough. "Touting" yourself, and attempting to get your C.V. read by a person hiring... That's bad... But a letter speaking about your qualifications, and PHILOSOPHY is just a bitch.


Anyhoo... My Lady just gave me a wonderful cuddle, and so I'm already starting to feel better. She's amazing.

My friend Mick has the plague, and my hopes go out to him for a speedy recovery. He's been walking around with pneumonia or a bad influenza for over a week now, and he's just returned from Urgent Care (A&E) and is now hopefully resting. Don't bug him. Get well soon, Mick!

My mother is going to make a wonderful dinner for My Lady and myself this evening... Which is really nice. I made a really mean chicken-red sauce and pasta dish last night... My cooking skills are still amazing. (This according to My Lady and my Mother, so... It's with a slight grain of salt.) But I think it was pretty fantastic. But I'm looking forward to being pampered a bit after this ordeal of letter writing today.

All else is fine... I'm getting a bit tired of the job search, but I know that something is going to break soon. Either I'll get a job... Or I'll get broken. I find the idea of gibbering like an idiot and drooling on myself in a nice padded room is starting to look pretty good.

And that can't be a good thing.

Och weel... I'm off. Wish me luck.

-- Tuckmac