Friday, February 03, 2006

Had a nice one yesterday

Well... Actually, it's still today, but... You're all going to "read" this on Friday, and it's 12:16 am, as I write this... So.

Today, It's a "picture blog" day.

First: A real "Tucker Being an Artist Pic" on the Minnesota River:

Old Cedar Bridge, Bloomington, MN - 2006

Next, a photo of My Lady in St. Paul, during our "Tuesday Art Field Trip."

Fiona, across from Fort Snelling, St. Paul, MN - 2006

Next... Actual PROOF of Global-fucking-warming in 2006!

Green-shit growing in a stream, feeding into the Minnesota River in Bloody FEBRUARY IN MINNESOTA!

The above really freaked me out! I'm serious. Look, I've just returned from England, and I know for folks on the "Other side of the pond" seeing green-stuff is NOT that strange for you, in February. For a Minnesotan? In my HOME STATE? It's fucking unbelievable! I kid you not. Ask another Mid-westerner from the States. This is NOT a good thing!

Anyhoo... A final photo of My Lady and Agamemnon walking in the woods by the Minnesota River:

Hope you all enjoy it. Tonight, we're going to be in River Falls, visiting friends. And tomorrow, there's a great opening at the MCP, and I'm dragging My Lady to it. Look... She can haul my ass to the Walker all she wants, as long as I get to go look at photography every once and a while.

Smiles Folks!

-- Tuckmac