Sunday, February 05, 2006

A quiet Sunday.

You know... The problem with trolling the internet for news all week, is that, come Sunday... You're already immune to outrage.

I mean, seriously... Today, in the Star and Sickle, there was nothing to really get my dander up. No offence meant, against the print-media, but... They're slow. Half of the stuff I read today is something that either myself or others had already blogged about, or something that's already been on the BBC or Google News.

I don't know... "Muslim Outrage" or "Democracy is bad if they don't agree with Bush."

Gah. (Just 'cause I can't resist: First editorial... Piss off... Free speech is Free speech. I'll concede that the European papers in question probably over-stepped their bounds, okay... I concede that. But now the response from the other side, is to BURN EMBASSIES! Come ON. I'd say the response to some ink, is a bit more over the top than running a few cartoons. And in response to the second editorial: Life's a bitch, when people vote. If the people are diametrically opposed to your idea of freedom and government... And then they get to choose who LEADS them... Chances are, you're not going to like the regime. Duh. I'm sure it's my own strange sense of humour, here... But the fact that Bush has been pushing for free and open elections in the Middle East... And when they have them, and the "terrorists' win" you have to have a small chuckle. Tee hee.)

Okay... Anyhoo...

My tummy was acting up last night, so My Lady and I did NOT attend the Opening at the MCP. I'm rather upset. Damn it. Why does my stomach control me? Why, gods... Why?

Had a wonderful time in River Falls with Dave and Judy on Friday. They've been through a lot of crap in their lives with visas (for Switzerland, not the U.S.) and a Master's Degree and NO WORK... And you know what? They've come through smelling of roses. So... It's nice. It's nice to know that there's a possibility for happiness at the end of this long-hard-slog.

Personal news? Our (I-130) form is "received" and is in "Process" with the U.S. Government. What does that mean? Um... Not much... But the Gov. KNOWS that Fiona's my wife, and we're trying to get a visa, now. So... In a YEAR, I'll let you know the outcome.


That's about it for today.

Have a "good un."

-- T