Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Just another Manic, TUESday... La, la la...

Yeah, well.

Okay, so after being a shut in all weekend, due to some strange "stomach bug" that seemed to linger from Friday through Monday morning... My Lady and myself took a journey down to Kieran's Irish Pub last night.

What was on?


What event was occurring?


That's right... It was an "old fashioned pub trip" in America. We didn't go to the pub to see music. We didn't go to see friends (although, we're friendly with the staff) we didn't "expect" anything. We just went down to the pub.

We had a nice meal. Drank a few pints. And had a generally fun evening.

Fiona at Kieran's doing her "Aimele Look"

Me looking decidedly UN-amused. Although, actually I was. Strange, no?

Now... Why do I bring up this "Pub for pub's sake" thing?

'Cause it's something that My Lady (being of a different culture) has been noticing... And frankly, since I'd been LIVING in Britain for two years... I've been noticing it too.

It's the decided LACK of socialising that the American's tend to have.

It's a serious lack. I kid you not. Both Fiona and myself have been feeling the pain of it, since returning to the U.S.

Look... Americans, I don't want to bitch, but seriously...

You lot are fucking BORING! Seriously. Really... Really... BORING!

Fiona and I were discussing it, and brought my Mother into the conversation as well, to defend the Yanks... But there's NO defence. It's a down-right strange cultural phenomenon. But Americans seem to hate socialising. Oh... Not when they're in their early 20's and going out on the piss. (Brit for going out to get drunk) But after that brief moment in the life-span of an average American... It just goes away. My mother brought up several reasons, that are okay ones, but...

Reasons American's don't go out to the pub three or more times a week:
(or even ONCE a week, for that bloody matter)

1. Drinking is too expensive to do often.
2. It's too dangerous to drive, and there's no close pubs to homes
3. After a long day at work, you're too tired to go out.
4. People drinking aren't any fun... They're loud and obnoxious
5. American's have better things to do than go out to the pub.

Tucker and Fi's questions that Americans should think about:

1. Somehow going home and watching the cable television that you get for sometimes $100.00 per month PLUS is cheaper than two pints out at a pub three times a week? Don't have cable. T.V. is shite. Go be social.

2. Okay... It's bad to drink and drive. You've never heard of a sober cab? But Brits have figured out the having a "sober driver" is still being social. There's many a time that either myself, or Fiona will stay sober to drive, whilst allowing the other to have a "good time" and strangely enough... One does not actually have to drink an alcoholic beverage to have a good time at a pub.

3. Don't you realise that after a drink at a pub, you relax and stop thinking about a tough day? Having an "after work drink" is the best way to "turn off" and let the day go away. How many Americans sit around their homes and ruminate of the failures of the day, and kvetch and moan, and bitch about how bad work was? Quite a bloody few! That's how many.

4. The only truly obnoxious people I've run across in pubs and bars are people who are not USED to drinking, and therefore get ripped and annoying. A tolerance and safe amount of drinking keeps one from being an ass.

5. What? Go home and watch the television? Seriously? I've mentioned this one, in "Number 1" as a bad idea already.

So... Yeah. There.

Sorry... But the socialising thing is really getting to me and to My Lady. It's not like we're lushes... But the idea of ALWAYS being at home is really depressing to us. And it really should be for YOU lot too... Weird Yankie bastids!

Och weel... Britain is looking better and better.

That's it for today, folks... Pardon the rant. Love ya!

-- Tuckmac