Monday, February 20, 2006



So, someone in Nebraska won the Powerball.


We bought "four" tickets... I should admit... I bought four tickets... One for me... One for my Lady, one for my mother, and one for the "poopy" Agamemnon.

We didn't win.


Och weel...

You know... The funny thing about the lottery... Is that I really didn't want to win. I'm serious. There's all sorts of stuff that goes with winning a really huge amount of money. Lawyers... Yahts... Etc...

No thank you.

But... Money would really solve most of the issues that I'm having. Student loans coming due... Immigration... Lack of a "house" etc...

Money would be nice.

But... I have to admit... There's a deep-seated Minnesotan thing, in me.

I want to earn the money.

I really do.

I want to be a "bread-winner" for the fam. I would actually like a "career."

Gods, would that be great.

I have this thing... I keep "playing" the lottery, knowing that I won't win. Sound strange? Well... I admit that it is rather strange. But... I have this strange belief, that if I "buy lottery tickets" and such... That the "fates" won't actually give me the lottery... Rather, they'd give me the opportunity to "win" in life, instead. I'd get the "job" that I've always wanted... And although I wouldn't be making "millions," I'd suddenly have enough money to just "live."

Is that so wrong?

The idea of making enough money to "exist" in modern society?

I figured it out. I need to make around $45,000 USD to just have the "life" that is talked about.

I want simple things: A home (whether it be a flat, or a stand-alone house). A car (just one, and because of my mother being really great, I already have that) A way to pay the bills (a job) a way to save up money (a job) a way to pay off student loans... A job...

It's really pretty simple. A job. That's it. Not a "bartending" job... No... A "real" job. One with a pension, a health-plan... A job.

That's all.

I know that I'd contribute to society. I can. I'm intelligent.... A hard worker... An innovator... Etc....

It's there, IN me... And all I need is an employer, to give me a chance.

If you're an employer... I have a masters degree... I work my ASS off... I'll learn and subscribe to any work environment that you want...

Just give me a chance.

I want to just have a normal life. I want a home for my wife and family... I want to pay off my debt to the banks for my education... I want to be able to put away money for retirement... I want to just be NORMAL... Is that SO wrong?




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