Thursday, February 16, 2006


I know this guy. He's really intelligent, and although we've been both friends and enemies BOTH, I know my life has been better because of him.

Currently, we're on one of those "enemy" times. I'm not saying we're "I hate him" and vice versa, it's just that occasionally, with adults, you have to admit that life changes, and sometimes people get left behind.

I like him. I'm missing him. But... Meh, shite happens.

Anyhoo... Even though we had a fight, and we're "not talking" or whatever that means... I admit that I still go and read his blog.

And he's been bringing up a few points in it that frankly anger me, but also... I have to admit... Have made me think.

He has problems with "opinions."

Not that he doesn't think that people should HAVE them... On the contrary, he's one of the most opinionated people I know. He loves a good argument, and has always been very fair in accepting that others might not agree with HIS opinions. However, his issue is with the sharing of opinions. He's decided that using a blog to share opinions is a bad thing. He feels that it incites disagreements more than it allows for a free-flowing of ideas.

Perhaps he's right. I don't know... I really don't. I've been taken to task a number of times by this person, due to my "opining" on a blog. I've been accused of not "self-editing" and being deliberately hurtful.

I've apologised to him for pissing him off... But he's not accepted the apology. And to certain respects, I understand his reluctance to forgive. You see... The guy KNOWS me... And he knows that although I'll apologise for a specific occurrence, or misunderstanding... I'm not actually going to change.

And perhaps that's what he's looking for. He's hoping that I'll come around and stop making broad generalisations, and ranting at the world.

And you know what? That's just not going to happen. The danger of a BLOG however, is something that I understand with him having a serious problem. You see... In the past... If we were sitting in a bar in St. Paul, and had an argument... And fought... Well... We'd be the only people HEARING my rant (or his) and we didn't sow discontent.

Because a blog is "world-wide" and is out there for every Tom-Dick and Harriet to see... Well... That opens it to a whole new realm. If I complain about "Americans" on this blog... Then I have the potential for angering a HUGE SWATH of the population. (I'm not saying that many people actually READ this space, I know that I only have about 30 readers a day so... It's not an ego trip, here.)

If I have the ability to anger THAT many people, due to a misplaced comment on this blog... Should I maybe STOP being an asshat, and temper my rants, my comments, and my opinions?

My answer is no.

Not because I''m an asshat (although, perhaps I am) but I can't see that fostering communication in ANY way is a bad thing.

It goes back to my beliefs about art in general. I believe that causing a response, whether it be a "happy" or a "pissed off" one is a wonderful thing.

Serrano created a piece titled "Piss Christ" and he was currently using a grant from the US government... He, and others, sparked a huge debate about the government paying for "horrific smut" masquerading as "fine art" and it's creation is still rippling through today's society.

His message was disturbing, and it created a dialogue that is still in existence.

Frankly... If I can find value in something like "Piss Christ" then I can easily find value in what I do in a few words on a blog. If I live up to my own belief system, that controversial art is as valid as "pretty" Impressionistic work... Then I feel I have an obligation to continue doing what I do... I write a "rant" type blog. I think I do it pretty well. And...

It's really quite simple. If I piss you off, comment. OR... Don't read this space again.

That's a choice that everyone has... In my "free country" or even in other "not so free" countries. You can CHOOSE not to read my blog.

You can CHOOSE not to view Serrano's work.

You can CHOOSE to participate in discussions, or to ignore them.

Trying to stifle my "creativity" in order to promote some sort of mythical "civility" is doomed to failure. Our society is no longer "civil." I refuse to allow myself to buckle to pressure from friends or enemies...

I write.

You can read, or not. That's your choice.

I hope you DO. I value my thoughts, and sincerely hope that even if you get cheesed off reading this space, you'll actually get something out of them. If I anger you, I am sorry that you feel that way... But it's not going to change who I am as a person.

Frankly... I have faith in my readers... If you've been following this space for a while, and you keep coming back... You obviously find some sort of "value" when you come here.

To those... I thank you.

To any NEW readers that have had to put up with a really long entry... I thank YOU. Please come back!

I enjoy comments... I enjoy communication... And I will continue to "communicate" into the ether that is the internet.

Thanks, everyone, for reading!