Friday, February 17, 2006

February is interesting...

It's meant to get down to -20°F (-29°C) tonight...

It was cold today... It's already down to -24°C right now, according to my weird "Weather Genie" on the right column.


But... I heard a Minnesotan complaining about the cold today, and kindly waited until she left... And then commented on the fact that she was being silly.

I mean... It's been so BLOODY WARM this winter in the Midwest in the US, that we really shouldn't complain... It's been GORGEOUS!

And now... That it's a "bit" cold... People start complaining! Typical.

But really... It's a bit MORE normal now, and My Lady is getting a taste of what Minnesota is REALLY like... So... Muahahahaha.

No, seriously... It's been really warm, comparatively, and now it's a bit more normal. In defence of My Lady, she asked, "Is this really meant to be cold?"

Bless her.

We're okay...

And I hope you've noticed the "changes" on the blog... How does it look? Seriously? Any ideas?

-- Tuckmac