Thursday, February 23, 2006

"Tilting at windmills...

...hurts the windmill more than the sheep, who are just viewing the event."


Or something like that.

I was just sitting here thinking about the quote from a Heinlein novel, "Time Enough for Love" and attributed to the character: Lazarus Long: "Tilting at windmills, hurts you more than the windmill."

This quote carries a message that I really am beginning to feel. To paraphrase it:

You can bang your head against the wall, rail at the world, etc... etc... And to be honest, you're hurting YOURSELF, not the wall, and not the world.

I think that's an important message that I really should take to heart. I tend to throw myself willy-nilly into situations, with an idealistic heart... And rarely come out the other side intact. It's a weakness... We all have them. The danger, of course, is trying to find the middle-ground. Okay, perhaps I'm idealistic, and lean toward the bleeding-heart Liberal philosophical bent... Perhaps I never, actually, win. Frankly... The thought of NOT being a bit of a "fighter" just scares me even more than the idea of hurting myself psychologically once again.

Vah... I do drone on, at times. Anyhoo... I have to stop "fighting" the world, and allow things to happen in their own time... (Such as job, place to live, etc) and not worry so much about it. We'll see if I can actually DO that. I don't think the odds are in my favour, I'm a bit of a nut-case. Och weel (as my Lady says) I'll get there.

Speaking of my Lady... She's finally uploaded her "Pilot Episode" of Motif Radio. It's a Podcast, and she's already getting good reviews, and artists' interest. So... That's awesome! You can check it out here:

Speaking AGAIN, of my Lady... Funny photo (taken with my mobile, so don't get too pissy about the quality:

Okay... Too much free time. I know. And I'm going to plug my "Photo Blog" once again, because I've had quite a few visitors to THIS blog... But not as many to my Serious effort to be a photographer. I say "serious" but the fact is... There's a bit of whimsy in today's offering. Och weel... Consistency has never been my strong-point. ;-)

I'm off, gentle readers... I'm off. Tah!

Okay... Here's a quick link to folks with "Quicktime Player" on their computers: Memnon the Puppy, plays fetch. If you don't have broadband... I wouldn't bother... It's a bit over 7 Meg... So... yeah. But it's cute, if you do.

-- T