Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Okay... It's now 1:10am

And I'm doing an "early" post for Tuesday.


Anyhoo... I'll probably update the blog later today too, but I wanted to throw out a special announcement today...

I have finally inaugurated the new site...

Tucker's Photo Blog

Da, da, da DAAAAAA...

So... Go check it out. 'Cause... It's actually "good" photography, rather than the stuff I post here, like this:

12:00 midnight in the living room.

Actually... The "new" Photo Blog is my attempt to be "artistic." That's right... The artist actually feels creative and needs to have an outlet.

We all deal with things differently. And frankly... We deal with things differently at different times as well. As I've been under a lot of stress... I have gone through several "stages of mood" and I'm now at the "be creative" stage... (The former were "absolute despair" characterised by staring into space; "absolute escapism" characterised by reading 400 pages of fantasy/thriller fiction a day; "railing at the world" characterised by long drawn out blog entries about politics and religion... And finally I'm at the "creative" stage that kicks in when it's at the darkest BEFORE THE DAWN!

That's right folks... I've now hit the phase that I normally experience just before things start to finally go RIGHT! So... I'm actually in a pretty good mood.

So... Please... Check out the NEW Photo Blog every day for an interesting photo, and occasionally words of "artistic" merit. Or something... ;-)


-- Tuckmac