Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Crud, it's WEDNESDAY already?!?!?!?!

I have a "job interview" at 1:30pm today. (It's 11:30-ish am now).

Before people get really excited... I should explain why I put the words job interview in quotation-marks.


I have a friend, well... Actually the sister of a friend, (I'll call her "Mandy" and no... I'm not being disingenuous, that IS NOT her real name) who's found her way into something that reeks a bit of a pyramid scam, to me... It's a "mortgage-branch" thing... Where you attend all these "sessions" to learn about the job, and in order to actually GET to be a "manager" of a "branch" you have to find OTHER people to also join into this company.

I get a call on Sunday... A name I don't know... But, I've sent out over a hundred job-apps, so... I don't think anything of it... Anyhoo... I talk to this "guy" who asks me questions about how "well I know Mandy" "Mandy speaks highly of you" etc... etc...

Then he talks about how his "group" is looking for management... Blah... Blah... "Mandy says you're a great go-getter..." Blah... Blah... This goes on, and on... And he's "secretly hinting" at this scheme, and I start thinking... OH, it's the thing that Mandy is really getting deeply into... Okay...

I let him drone on and on for almost 15 minutes, asking me about my schedule for the week, blah... blah... And I finally say, "Um, I really want you to stop for a minute... I'm an artist. I don't have any banking or mortgage experience."

His answer (thus proving the dodgy nature of this scheme):

"Oh, don't worry... We train you."

Uh huh... Okay.

So... Anyhoo... I said I'd go.

WHOA, you say!

I'm not going to "join" the scheme.

However... It's been about four years since I had an interview, and I thought... Heck, it' practice.

I feel sorry for "Mandy" though... As part of this Scheme SHE can't actually work for them, till she's "corralled" a number of OTHER people into the business.

I'm not going to be one of them. Sorry...

Anyhooo... I had better get going. I have to do the Three-"S's" and get ready...

Now, where did I put my old suit?

- T