Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I like "hump day" even when it's Ash "hump day"

Happy Lent, everyone. Gah.

All right... Why do I read the The City Pages Blotter every day? Because of wonderful little links like this one: If Microsoft packaged the iPod video...

Tee hee...

Welcome to the idiot. 'Nough said.

BBC's Best Sea-going photographers of the year... Pretty pics... And not in competition with me. Which I really like.

First homes in UK required to have water meters. I like the quote from this one:

"I would be more than happy to have a meter." - Tio Terry, Epsom, UK

Um... Yeah... No kidding. I'm sure a few of my Brit readers would agree... I remember some of the water bills we'd get at the flat... And it would be disgusting... There's NO WAY we used that much water. But... There's no way to PROVE it. It was very disgusting. So.... I say... Join the "Yanks" when it comes to this... The problem though... Is that rarely do the companies CHECK the meters that already exist. We had problems with our gas bill too... And they weren't "checking" the meter, they were just guessing at what we were using. Again... Completely wrong. My flat-mates and I were BIG on conservation, and we never used the heating, or anything... Our shower was an electric one, and our stove was too... Only the heating and the hot-water came from our gas-powered boiler... And we were getting charged more money than my THEN fiancée's entire house of four women and the heating being on every day for 10 hours... And a bath not power shower... And gas cookery... Etc... etc...

I'm sorry... Two guys and one woman, being very conservative, shouldn't owe £100.00 a month MORE than a house full of crazy women. (Sorry, love... You couldn't control your house-mates.)

But I digress.

Nothing on the front today... More job applications sent out... And now that it's 1:00ish in the afternoon, perhaps I should go upstairs, shower and such, and get dressed, hmm???

Love ya readers!