Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A bit o' this, and a bit o tha'...

On the "MySpace" debacle... I received an e-mail from a friend that has a teenage daughter. He wondered if I was around when issues with his daughter's MySpace site came up.

No. I actually wasn't.

However... The fact that my friend, and his teenage daughter have also run into the "MySpace" teen/parent issue shows just how prevalent the issue really is. He brought up the fact that he doesn't mind that teens have things that they want to hide... He just worries about predators on MySpace that are chasing young teens...

I believe that to be a valid worry... And I think that is why it's really important for parents to keep UP on their teens/tweens and make sure that the KIDS know the dangers out there... The true fact, that although MySpace says that they keep their security up and watch out for baddies, and that statistically very few children have had problems due to adults "preying" on them via MySpace... The site IS a new place for pedophiles to peruse... So... Watch out, kiddies.

On a 'nother topic...

I went to the Star Tribune Job Fair today.


Well... There were a LOT of companies there... But they were definitely on the look-out for specific types of jobs... And my experience didn't gel with any of them. Hell... I even stopped by the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) booth! I don't qualify to be an "agent" but... The guy was nice enough to give me a cool FBI keychain with a L.E.D. flash-light (torch) thinggy.

Nifty, huh?

Although the "job booth search" was a bust... They had a really interesting speaker on Résumés (C.V.s) and he gave me a few new website job searches to try... Most of the rest of his motivational talk was pretty depressing, as it proved to me that there's no one in the entire planet that would actually a. want me or b. even think of hiring me.

So... I'm thinking of...

Hell... I don't know. I was going to be flippant, and come up with some pithy comment that shows that I'm keeping my humour up, and still fighting for a good job.

I'm not sure I am, anymore. Despair... Here I come... For today.

I'll get my good-karmic mood thing up again tomorrow... But for NOW... I give up for the day.

Fucking job searching.


-- T