Thursday, March 02, 2006

Ah... Thursday is an okay day.

Well... I'm not going to bore you with all the details... My job search is SUCKING.

That's enough.

But there IS good news from the My Lady front... She hasn't told the WORLD this yet... But... She's modest...

Fiona is being put in CHARGE of the Soap Factory Audio/Visual Department! That's right... She had an interview yesterday with the owner of the Soap Factory Gallery, and the head of volunteers, and she was hired... On the spot.

First... Yeah, it's a volunteer position. Number one, she CAN'T work here, as she doesn't have a visa yet... And Number TWO who CARES if it's not a paid position... She's getting a HELL of a line on her C.V.! The position is about 20 to 30 hours a week, beginning at the end of March. She also gets a BIG ASS studio space, as part of the deal. So... Congratulate her here: fiona(at) If you're wondering why the weird (at) instead of the @ symbol in that e-mail address... Well... It's 'cause we've been getting a LOT o' Spam... And I'm trying to avoid the "internet BOTS" that scavenge around for e-mail address... But... Just replace the (at) with the real "e-mail" symbol... And send her a "kudos" as they say in MySpace.

Other than that... I'm doing some photos today... I can't be arksed to write a big scree against the world today:

Don't mess with Fi! (After I had taken about 100 photos of her during lunch.

Yeah, I lost the extra-long side-burns and cut my hair for the job fair that was a bust. Dammit.

Okay, okay... Puppy love. Memnon, close up.

Okay folks... I'm off for today. Love ya readers!

-- Tuckmac