Friday, March 10, 2006

Todd Menton

Hi there folks...

My Lady, N8 and myself hit the Dubliner Pub last night. And an old friend was performing.

Todd Menton.

I've known Todd for almost 15 years now... (and no, that isn't a "Tuckmac" exaggeration. That's true. I first saw Todd performing with another guy named Stuart when I was 18 years old (sneaking into pubs underage).

Todd is one of the most gifted Irish Musicians in the Twin Cities. He's known for his encyclopaedic knowledge of Irish and Scottish Music. He plays the bouzouki, guitar, bodhran and harmonica at every show... Has a great voice... And is just amazing! Some of my British readers from Canterbury would be familar with his music as I played it quite often in Britain: "Pancho and Lefty" (by Van Zandt) being a favourite... As well as Richard Thompson's, "1952 Vincent Black Lightning." He was a former, and now is back RE-joined - frontman for "Boiled in Lead" an amazing standard of weird punk-rock/irish/kletzmer/acid folk... And to be honest... The years of "no-Todd" in Boiled in Lead, didn't do them any favours... The band can ONLY get better now... They were great with Todd, then they sorta were "not" so great... And now... I'm sure they're going to freaking ROCK!

Todd has a new solo album out, of some FUN FUNKY Irish-esque music (you'll see it on the Todd Menton link above)... We've only had a chance to listen to about half of it so far... But his gifted musicality, and soaring vocals are truly awe-inspiring.

Unfortunately... Todd doesn't have a "web-presence" per se, so... I can't point you to him, if you're really far away (a la Britain) but if you're a reader, and you're ever in the Twin Cities... Get in touch with me... And I'll let you know of his next show.

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