Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Dude... When you're freaking out...

The week just goes TO DAMN FAST.

It's Wednesday already... Again. It's amusing really... I'm sure that most "employed" people are saying, "Gah... Only halfway through the week!" And here I am saying that the week is going by to quickly. There's a sociological/psychological study in there somewhere. So here: Copyright © 2006, by Tucker MacNeill. All rights reserved. Now all I have to do is wait for a big fancy university to do the study, and I'll be rolling in it. Hmm...

Anyhoo... My Lady was up all night last night... I don't even know when she finally came to bed. She's still abed now. Poor thing... Anyhoo... She was up forever last night... Getting the "Motif Radio - Episode TWO" out to the internet/air-waves... So... Please go check it out!

• I found it... The blogger without peer... Neil Gaiman's Blog! How cool is he? Well... Okay... There are better "bloggers" and such... But he's just awesome!

• I liked this one... Use the "Bug Me Not" link on the right-hand column of links to avoid signing up... But: Hey Neighbor, Stop Piggybacking on my Wireless! Is a great article from the NY Times. I tend to agree with the people STEALING bandwidth, rather than those with the wireless networks that are getting tapped. Why? Especially when I'm a person with my own broadband and wireless network? 'Cause if you don't secure your network... You are allowing people to USE IT! Duh! It takes almost no time to set up a few passwords, and then your network is secure. If you are too stupid to do it... Then it's your own fault. Ger.

Did China Invent Golf? HA! I found this article to be great, probably 'cause I'm married to a Scot, and I'm of Scottish descent, and the whole "Scotland invented golf" thing is a BIG part of Scottish identity. And why should it NOT be? The other sports that they invented... Like caber tossing (tossing a telephone pole... Now that's intelligent) and rock-eating (okay, I made that one up) but you see where I'm going with this? The only sport the Scots "invented" that the world plays is being threatened with a different background... OH MY GODS! I do rather wonder about this one... I mean... China's starting to claim all sorts of things... Like being the first to discover the "New World" and etc... Well... It's just a bit nationalistic of China... But... You know... They WERE the first civilisation with a record, and stuff.

Side note... I've really thought the fundamentalist Christians to be rather silly, as they still hold onto the claim of a strange bishop that came up with the world being created in 4004 BC. When Chinese written records actually PRE-DATE that date. ha.

Anyhoo... That's about it for today... Except for the latest in Iraq... They're doing "Mafia-style killing" now. Jeez. I don't know why we're still there... It's a lost cause folks... Let's get the hell out of there before our US/UK soldiers are found blindfolded and strangled in the back of lorries... Hmm?