Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Another day another dollar/pound something...

I'm going to begin today's blog with a rant... Please skip the next paragraph/or so... If you aren't interested:

Watching the news last night, on Kare 11. The newscasts here, in the Cites are all a half and hour long... Half an hour to get across all the news of the day. Began watching it at 10:00pm. The story? Kirby Puckett. You'll notice I didn't link to him... Very quickly... He was a baseball player for the Minnesota Twins. He died yesterday. Boo-fucking-hoo. Look, it's a sports-player. He died. How long would you think that would make the news? How much of my time should be spent hearing "commentary" by friends/ex-team-mates/family and the Owner of the Minnesota Twins? How much time? How about ALL of it. That's right... The ENTIRE FUCKING newscast was about Kirby. They broke IN THE MIDDLE to give us a broken weather forecast... Then... BACK TO KIRBY! I mean... Holy SHITE! I flipped to the other channels... Channel 4, channel 9, channel 5... NOTHING BUT KIRBY! Jesus, Mary and JO-seph... I attempted to flip over to Channel 17, which carries the BBC World-news... But the reception was too awful to actually try to watch... I did learn that Hamas is causing problems, there were fights in India... Etc... Etc... But you know what? That sort of thing doesn't make the news in Minnesota... No... JUST a bloody-fucking-BALL player that died. Shit! I just want to tell my ENTIRE FUCKING STATE THAT A BASEBALL PLAYER DIED, FINE spend five minutes on that, and then give me some bloody news that has SOMETHING to do with me or politics, or something!

Okay... Tonight... My Lady and I are heading to the Precinct Caucuses for the DFL party. These are the "beginnings" of the elections that will be coming up in November. I've never attended a Precinct Caucus before... Should be interesting. But, then... Who knows... Could be the biggest pile o' poo ever. I don't really know. I'll tell you about the experience tomorrow.

News... As my local-news doesn't seem to care anymore... It's MY job... Fine.

Aritstocrat Seeks Heir. (Britons need not apply) I liked this story... You could tell that this man is a terror. Ha. Wish I were a Slade, I'd give it a go. Ha. Brits and their manor-houses... and such. It's cute.

Anatomy of a nerd: Onna Otaku. Is any other guy strangely turned on by this? Okay... Maybe it's just me.

Your vanishing privacy. Yeah... No kidding. I'm currently reading a book by David Baldacci titled: The Camel Club. It's a story about vast governmental conspiracies, et al... And the characters have just discovered the "Data Mining" operation that the US Gov. has started since 9/11. Every time you use a credit card... Every time you do ANYTHING that writes you down, through a computer... The government's new data-mining software can find you. The deal with this sort of idea... Is that it ISN'T actually happening YET... Or is it? Who really knows. The thing is, though... Whether it's here or not... It soon WILL be, or IS actually possible. Okay... You're saying that nothing you do is wrong, and the Gov. really won't chase after you. Hmm... Anyone else been hearing about the transcripts from Guantanamo Bay? Hmm... Half the prisoners there didn't do ANYTHING to get arrested... Yet they're still being held four years ON from the first attack in Afghanistan. I don't like the idea that all the government has to do is type my name into a "search engine" or something, and learn absolutely everything about me... Sorta gives me the willies.

• Speaking of conspiracies... Dan Brown's Court Drama continues... And it's not looking good for the plaintiffs. Oh... Too bad... You're not going to get a tonne of money that you didn't earn the FIRST time. Gah.

I'm off... Have a great one folks!