Sunday, March 05, 2006

It Snowed!

Marshall Ave, St. Paul. Taken from "our coffee shop" the Fine Grind.

Snow doesn't stop a guy from buying an ice-cream, though. Not in Minne-SNOW-ta.

Of course... It's just at freezing... 32°F/0°C at the moment, and for Minnesota, that ain't bad.

We're down at the coffee shop again... Had a nice Sunday morning... And now are having a Nice Sunday Afternoon.

I like that. Also listening to the newly updated version of iTunes that I downloaded the other day. It's meant to be able to do video stuff, etc... etc... Don't really know why I bothered downloading the new version, as... Really, the old one did just fine. Och weel... I tend to get into "downloading" and that's an issue. A few days ago, I did the normal "Mac Software Update" thing. (It's where the computer automatically searches for updates, online, and then installs the ones you "need/want" on the computer.) Well... It said that there was an "Airport" update, and so... As I use that (that's a Mac Wireless thing, by the way... It's Mac's WiFi.) Anyhoo... I downloaded it, and stuck it on the computer, and low and behold... I get home, try to get on the network, and NOTHING. The computer is really confused. As was I. So... I went and re-installed the original Airport Software from the disc, and all was repaired. Got to love, when you get software that's updated, and supposedly removes a tonne of "oopsies" on a piece of software, and it works LESS well than the earlier "messed up version" of the said software.


Well... I found a new "job opportunity" that has not only myself... But My Lady and my mother getting all excited. It's a Assistant Professor job in Wisconsin (just over the boarder from us, here in Minneapolis) Teaching Digital Photography and Media.

It's a job MADE for me.

So... I'm applying for it... I also KNOW people at this university... So I'm hoping to be able to "network" a bit, and actually have a CHANCE at getting an interview. So... Please, folks... Send happy thoughts my way... And wish me HUGE luck/Pray or whatever... I NEED this job!


Beyond that... I'm going to get going. I want to thank readers for the nice comments about the "Audioblog" of yesterday... I miss all of you folk too! As the entire purpose of the Audioblog was to blatantly plug my Photo Blog I hope you all check it out tomorrow (Monday the 6th of March) as I'm starting another week of interesting photographs.