Thursday, March 09, 2006

Wow... I should do "tech" stuff more often!

I actually had some "commenting" happening yesterday, due to my "Piggybacking of wireless broadband" discussion. That was fun! Thanks Ick and N8.

Anyhoo... Nothing big today. I applied for a server/waiter position yesterday. I figured out, that even if I get a "real job" it probably wouldn't START till after the summer... So... I need MOOLA! I'm hoping I get it. My friend that works at this restaurant was "excited" that I was trying... And really hopes that I get the job... But there's the worry that I'm "Over-qualified." or something. Why? Just 'cause I have a master's degree? It's not like it's in food service or something.

So... Wish me luck. My friend makes enough money, working at this place, to actually own his own home... So... The money ain't bad... I NEED the job. Blah!

Anyhoo... Besides that... Just a photo of our puppy... Memnon... Starting to think that he's human. He's taken to "standing on his hind-legs a LOT." It's cute.

I also want to celebrate my "Clustermaps" map at the bottom of the right-column... I finally have "readers" in every continent (excepting Antarctica) So... Thanks readers! You're all stars!

I'll leave you with THAT and a link... To My Lady's SECOND pod-cast... Check it out! Motif Radio, 2nd episode


-- Tuckmac