Monday, March 13, 2006

Well... The March weather is interesting!

Hi folks... Woke up this morning to a GRAND snow-storm. Even in Minnesota, we're sort of messed up. That's right... I used to complain about Canterbury shutting down the city when it snowed. Here's an example of WHY I was always so pissy:

From my back door

That's right... We had us a great snow storm this morning. Whilst the storm was at it's peak, we were getting approximately 2 inches per hour.

From my front door

And now... One more showing a my garage:

The little tree is having issues

Why is this funny... Well... Here's a photo I made this weekend whilst on a walk with the puppy:

If you notice the tracks, they're from me and the dog... Got a bit muddy.

That's right... Minnesota is strange in March. We hit temps around 52°F (11°C) this weekend... And today it's hovering at 32°F (0°C) and we have 6 or 7 inches of snow in my back garden.

Gah. As I said... I used to get pissy at Canterbury for closing down... Because, you see... The snow outside right now? Yeah, well... It made the schools open two hours late today. That's it. Everything else is open. People went to work this morning. We DEAL with the weather! Yeah... Baby.... We're MINNESOTANS!


I have to go out and snow blow today. But one more little quick weird fact... The news reports are talking about the "horrible Mid-west Storm" and there were tornados and thunderstorms all across the Mid-west yesterday and today. And what do we get in Minnesota? Also "part of the Midwest?" Snow storms. Being this far north is sometimes a good thing.

For my friends across the pond, and anyone else interested... I made a little "scale map" of Britain "inside" the U.S. so you all can get the idea of the size of my country.

Minnesota in "blue" the Island of Great Britain in "purple" and the entire U.S. in "red" (yeah, I sort of did the colours on purpose.)

The storms that caused tornados were in Illinois which is towards the bottom of the big "Great-lake" sticking the furthest into the U.S. (It's Lake Michigan, by the way) Minnesota is actually QUITE far from there. So... Friends back in the UK... Don't worry... My Lady and I are not in any danger... Just up to our knees in snow.

Hope you're all having a nice one... It's kinda "fun" here, actually.