Thursday, March 16, 2006

It's snowing again.

Comparison between March 13th, and today March 16th.

I mean... Really! According to the news-reports, we received 10.5 inches of snow in total on the 13th in my neighbourhood. It's been melting for the past couple of days... And now we have a huge 13 to 14 inch pile of snow on the patio.


Well... The difference this time, is that the snow is "light and fluffy" in comparison to the really heavy/wet/dense snow that we had on Monday. So... The snowblower hopefully won't clog up like it did on Monday. And the shovelling should be easier too. To my British friends dealing with some snow... HA! Try THIS place! Gah.

I applied for a waitering job last week. I stopped by there yesterday, and was told that they were still "arguing" about it. The associate manager is the one that took my application. I've known her for, jeez, like 10 years, or something... She's on my side... However, the general restaurant manager took one look at my education, and has decided that I'd leave in a heart-beat if something else came up. Gah...

You know... It's really annoying to be under-qualified for 50% of the jobs out there, and be OVER-qualified for the OTHER 50% of jobs out there!

Please, readers... If you hear of any great job that 10 years of educational experience and 15 years of graphic-art experience would be a good thing to have... Please tell me.


Okay... On to slightly more interesting things than my "woe is me" attitude about employment.

• My friend Dave sent me this link, and I just HAD to throw it up here: Bush's Speech Writer

• Echoed, strangley, by this BBC commentary on Bush's second term. The quote:
"Who was standing at the podium in white tie, causing the assembled ranks of cynical Bush whackers to roll between the tables and choke on their canapes? W, the White House Wit!

My favourite line? "You gotta feel sorry for me", Potus quipped, looking theatrical daggers at vice-president. "I have a 38% approval rating and then you, Dick, shoot the only trial lawyer in the US who likes me!"

• Men and women are actually quite similar! I worry about my "looks" too... Don't want to start getting a belly due to the Guinness... Not me!

• I consider myself to be pretty intelligent. I'm not "blazingly brilliant" or anything... But I think I have a pretty good brain. I read this editorial, and honestly couldn't figure out if he was trying to be ironic, or if he was serious. Let me know what you think.

• I have a list of people that I'm allowed to "slap" if I ever see them on the street. This is an important list... Because I'm usually NOT violent, and it's a bit out of character for me to have one of these lists. However... The list is also important, because the people ON the list are so bloody repugnant that I think it's actually my duty to the human race to fulfil the "slap-em-silly order" on them, regardless of prison term. Catherine Kersten has now made my list. Anyone that is THIS much of a hate-monger should be on everyone's "Slap-list!"

• Finally a bit of GOOD news... U study finds possible agent in Alzheimer's Amen... Thank the gods! Why? My family has a VERY strong history of Alzheimer's Disease. Perhaps my mother won't be saved... But maybe I will. It's nice to think that perhaps I WON'T be wearing nappies and staring at my wife in puzzlement at the age of 70.

Okay folks... Have a great one... Tomorrow is St. Pats... And I'm going to, hell... I don't know... I probably won't actually get trollied, but it would be fun, wouldn't it?