Wednesday, March 15, 2006

TGIW... Or something like that.

Okay... Please check out the continued conversation on My Lady's blog... Is a biscuit or a cookie... What a fun time. I love the cross-cultural Yank v. Brit stuff... Endless hours of fun.

Anyhoo... Neal, you're welcome, and sorry about spelling your name wrong... It's now fixed.

Okay... On to OTHER stuff.

Yesterday, due to the marvellous snow of the 13th, and the great sunlight... Fiona and I made a trip on the light-rail to downtown Minneapolis. She, to go to the Walker and me to the Mill-district to make photographs. Obviously... Fruits of MY labour will be showing up on my Tucker's Photo Blog Site, starting tomorrow... (Today's photo ends the Minnehaha Falls series.)

Anyhoo... We had "split up" to do our respective afternoons, and then met up again to hit Brit's Pub. It's not a bad place, really... Whilst sitting there, and having a bowl of Cock-a-leekie Soup, we decided to "get Canterbury-esque" and have some good ol-fashioned British-type drinks. I noticed that they had "London Pride" on tap! (There's not a direct link to the beer, but you can go to The Brewery Site and clicking around to find the beer... I hate "bad designing" on sites that don't allow for direct linking. Ger. I digress...)

Now... Yanks, you may not get this... But London Pride is a typical "cask ale" meaning it's vaguely warm, and not really fizzy at all... Of course... London Pride is different over here in the U.S. due to the fact that it's not in a cask, but in a keg, and thus is carbonated. Hmm... It really does change the taste. It was gross. Of course, REAL London Pride is pretty gross too... But that's just my opinion. Having it fizzy was not a good thing taste-wise but it was nice for the nostalgia-thing. Fiona had Pimms and 7up... (we don't have the British:"Lemonade" over here...)

Sitting next to us were a couple of Yorkshire men. They're accent was confusing me, till Fiona told me where they were from. No offence to any Yorkshire folk reading this blog... But y'all have a strange accent... It's sort of a mix of Northerner/Scottish/Lake District-type accent. Very, very interesting. One of the two Yorkshire guys is heading back to England, basically as I type this entry... And I find myself very jealous.

On that happy note... I'm going to get going. Lot's to do today... And more snow on the way... A forecasted 6 more inches! Crud. Anyhoo... Bye for now!