Monday, March 20, 2006

Welcome to a new week. And "Spring" supposedly.

It's not too bad out... When I last looked at the outdoor thermometer, it was 34°F (1°C). There's still a LOT of snow, but you don't get rid of 18 inches of the white-stuff quickly, even with the sun being stronger, and the weather getting warmer. They talk about the "snow-effect" on temperature. You see, the white-stuff reflects the light of the sun, not to mention all the frozen shite cools off the atmosphere just like a bunch of ice cubes in a cooler of beer. But... It IS slowly going away, thank all the gods. I am really looking forward to warmer weather. I got a nice reprieve this year, in Minnesota. After missing "real Winter" for two years of living in England (where Winter is just cold-wet-and miserable - but still not really cold...) I was treated to a "warm-eque" Minnesota Winter. I'm thinking that it was just "Mom-nature" being nice to the Minnesota-kid who probably would have died from the shock, had the Winter been normal.

Still... Warmth would be nice. I'm getting tired of the heavy Winter coat.

• Okay... I said earlier that I was adding Katherine Kersten to my "Slap-em if you see-em" list. (Link, towards the bottom of the column)

She's doing a great job of excoriating her OWN side in the argument against Same-sex partners in Minnesota. Bless her... Some highlights? I'll just paraphrase, as I'd love for you to check out the column yourself, right here. Anyhoo... Paraphrasing:

She's quoting the Star Trib's own Editorial-page here: "This question [of same-sex marriage] should not be decided by popular vote. It's easy to whip up sentiment against an unpopular minority."

She uses this quote as an example of how "weird" and "wrong" we are being against a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. And strangely, it's the best quote from the article she wrote. I completely agree with the Editorial-comment. Sorry Kathy.

Her OWN quote: "Amendment supporters are ordinary Minnesotans: soccer moms, Twins fans, the folks next door. But some advocates of same-sex marriage apparently view them as a sinister and unsavoury bunch, even comparing them to racial bigots."

To Ms. Kersten, and her friends: YOU ARE BIGOTED, and yeah... You are someone to compare with the KKK and other bigoted groups against the civil rights of EVERYONE.

You are the same "good ol' boys" that hated blacks in America, and fought the Civil-rights movement. You think that prejudiced white-folk from the 60's weren't "regular" people? You think they didn't take their "White-kids" to an all White school's soccer game? Or that they didn't haul their "White-butts" down to the Twin's game? Or that guy that used to live across the street from me, who "moved out of the neighbourhood, 'cause it's getting unsavoury" meaning: Black.

Jesus-cluny-frog... The entire article backs up EVERYTHING I believe, and the woman wrote it herself, attempting, and failing to be "tongue-in-cheek." Ah... America.

Tuckmac's Truth: The majority of Minnesotans are FOR a bigoted-anti-gay-racist amendment to our State's constitution. That's 'cause they are bigots. As a civil society, we have to legislate things that go AGAINST the majority, because the majority is wrong. It's not their fault... They are scared. They are uninformed. They are occasionally ignorant. And "they" the majority are wrong.



• Eddie Izzard has a great quote of the day, today:

  • "I grew up in Europe, where the history comes from."

• Finally... An instalment of "The Chronicles of Agamemnon, the dog."

Have a good Monday, folks...

-- Tuckmac