Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Yesterday, although a bit messed up, due to me sleeping till almost noon, was a pretty darn good day. (Although I ended up being awake till 3:00am again.)

The newest episode of is out!!!!! It's a "Photography Special" that I co-produced with my wonderful Lady... Please go check it out! Podcasting is COOL! You'all know that!

Damn... I'm good... My Lady is good... We're good! Also... Check out the website, as I've finally uploaded and made everything WORK on the site in our gallery page:

Okay... Enough advertising...

Last night, after getting Motif Radio up and running, Fiona and I went out to the late film (10:20pm) showing of V for Vendetta. (IMDB LINK) (OFFICIAL LINK)

Short "Tuckmac Review" of V for Vendetta:

    Okay, so... I noticed something about the film. I won't go into the acting... Natalie Portman was fabulous... And Hugo Weaving, considering he was forced to wear a mask throughout the ENTIRE film showed acting chops that I didn't expect from "Agent Smith." He did a spectacular job! But the real thing I noticed, and I'm sure other folks have already drawn these parallels... Man... It's like a wake-up call to the U.S. of A. I'm serious... Like the book "1984" by Orwell was a caution against communism, set in Britain... This film is a warning against religious extremism in our OWN societies today, also, again, set in Britain. The most chilling quote was the "Voice of London" going off about the fact that the United States had fallen due to "godlessness" and how England was strong because of their faith.

    Now... No self-respecting person can fail to see the irony in this statement... We all know that Britain is very secular... And the U.S. is getting a bit spooky with the whole 'Christian Right' movement.

    Another parallel? In the film... The "Chancellor" of England rules by FEAR... Hmm... Georgie W. Pordgy... How exactly is HE ruling the U.S. at the moment?

    Folks... If you don't get the fact that this film is a blatant WARNING to the U.S. of A... Then you are a serious DENSE person, okay? Either that, or you're a Christian-right Republican.

    The film gives us hope in the end, folks... I won't say in what manner... (Cause I don't want to ruin the film for anyone) but... Let's just say that I'd love for the American People to do what those Englisher's did in the film, and make sure that WE are not afraid of our government... Make sure OUR GOVERNMENT is afraid of US!

    All right... I'm going to post this, and then wait for Georgie's death-squads to come knocking on my door.

    Bye for now (and maybe forever..... Ohh....)

-- Tuckmac