Saturday, March 25, 2006

The job search continues, and other fun stuff.

It's about 10:00am on Saturday (CST) as I type this... Why am I telling you this? 'Cause I woke my ass us at 6:00am this morning. Not on purpose, oh no... My bedroom alarm-clock is two hours ahead, unbeknownst to me. Gah. Problem, is that My Lady has to go to work today at the Soap Factory, at noon. At 9:00am (CST) she came RUNNING downstairs to the studio in an absolute panic, as she thought it was a little after 11:00am! It takes about an hour to get to the gallery if you take the train, and walk to the building. Anyhoo... She calmed after realising that it was only a bit after 9:00. But still.... Two of us completely discombobulated due to a faulty clock.


What's the "job search" news... It's honestly looking up. A bit. I have an interview on Monday for a "testing service" job. The job would entail grading student-written essays (Eighth-graders and Eleventh-graders or 13 year-olds and 17 year olds) for standardised tests. It's only a month contract (well, six weeks, actually) but it's full time, and pays $12.00 an hour. Anything I can get, at this point. It's going to be a drive to get to this place every day at 8:00am. Simply 'cause it's on the other side of the Twin-Cities, and I have to drive through all the rush-hour traffic. (For a British idea of the drive, think Bromley South to Camden Town or properly Kentish Town perhaps...)


The "letter of application" is written, sort of... I have sent it to a few friends to have them read it over, due to my fear of "messing it up." I read over the job-requirements, and folks... This job is PERFECT. Now, if I can only get the darn thing. It doesnt' start till August (thus the test-centre job, and probably other temp work) but I still think it's bril.

Um... Yeah. My Lady posted a funny little caper yesterday in her blog... As well as spewing off about my president (which I can't blame her for) she also found one of those "test things" that so many of us bloggers get sucked into... Anyhoo... It's a "Which Country SHOULD you live in" test. Go to her post here, and take the test yourself... Don't forget to comment!

That's it for today, readers... Have a good one.

-- Tuckmac