Saturday, April 01, 2006

Nothing's really happening... Thus:

Funny "link" day:

Okay... So, if you're vaguely internet-savvy, or if you just troll around occasionally... You've probably heard/seen/watched the Saturday Night Live "short film" entitled "Lazy Sunday" or "Narnia Raps" or the "Chroni-WHAT-cles of Narnia." (You can find the video by going HERE and going to the "videos" and scrolling down a bit... Sorry, no direct link.)

Anyhoo... I found a nice "British" piece by two kids from Cambridge that is actually BETTER than the original. "Lazy Sunday: UK Narnia Rap"

I just watched it again... And I'm still laughing. I'm pretty sure that even Yanks will get the humour.

Okay... So some of my Yank readers, and even a few friends from the UK may remember me going on and on about "Muhna-Muhna" like doing things like singing "Menomonee - Do-do-do do do." Well... Here's the original clip of the Muppet Show's Muhna-muhna.

By the way... You can see tonnes of funny clips going to Devil Ducky

Okay kids... That's all for today. Hopefully you'll get a smile.

-- T