Monday, April 03, 2006

MAN....What a deal.

Sorry... That was very "Minnesotan" of me... "What a deal." "Heckuva Deal" "That's a bad deal, you have there."

Deal... One of the more versatile words in the Minnesotan lexicon.

Anyhoo, hello readers. It's a glorious Monday in Minnesota. The sun is shining, after a long day of soaking rain yesterday... The rivers are at "flood stage" Weather.

Some random guy was shot on the street this weekend, downtown Minneapolis. And it was actually random. Some nut-job with a gun just started firing into a crowd on the street!

My Lady drove to the The Soap Factory in N.E. Minneapolis for the first time by herself yesterday. (Again, she's from Britain, and driving in Minnesota on the other side of the road, and trying to figure out a grid-system is actually a bit of a bear). And whilst driving, the rear-tire (tyre) blew out. Thus making for a nice saga of the tire thing... All day yesterday. (The car's at the local garage today)

And... In even MORE personal news: I'm feeling like death. Well, not actually THAT bad I suppose... But I've been having the traditional "Tuckmac Tummy Complaint" for the past couple of days. And I'm starting my job tomorrow morning. Gah. I'm hoping that I feel better tomorrow. Especially as I have to get up and leave the house by 6:30 am! Gah! When one's been sleeping in, till 8:30am every day for four months... I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be one hell of a rude awakening. (Pun intended.)

Smiles readers... Wish me luck!

-- T