Friday, April 07, 2006

Um... Wow.

All right... Obviously...

Tuckmac working is a time-waster.

I've been missing my blog ALL WEEK, practically. And frankly... I'm just going to have to figure out a new system. You see...

(I'm under a confidentiality agreement so there's not much I can go into)

But I'm scoring standardised test essays for a particular southern state, here in Minnesota... For a big "scoring" company.

The folks that run this company are actually rather nice to work for... However, the job is really difficult.

I've just been through three days of training... (Basically learning what this 'southern state' wants us to look for in the papers) and then we read "scanned" handwritten documents on a computer screen, and then mark the essay with the appropriate marks.

The problem is trying to figure out the bloody appropriate marks... It's not an easy job. The quote of the week?

I asked a fellow employee (who's been doing this sort of job for years) if he could tell me what the job was "like." You know... I was trying to get the "feel" of it. Anyhoo... This is gorgeous:

"It's an intellectual sweat-shop"

Yep... That just about sums it up.

And on that happy note... I'm going to get off the computer (as I've been staring at one for the past eight hours, trying to decipher student's writing on a scanned image.