Saturday, April 15, 2006

What am I doing on a Saturday?

Having a REALLY nice day off.

There's something to be said about having a "full-time" really crappy job. You suddenly REALLY enjoy weekends, that much more. I woke up this morning at around 7:30am to let the dog out... I promptly went back to sleep. My Lady and I finally hauled our bums out of bed around 11:00 am. Since then, My Lady has made Sausage Butties for us for breakie (They were GORGEOUS, by the way). I've since, showered, shaved and shat, in addition to doing the dishes from our meal.

We've also spent a good portion of the morning outside. I want to apologise to my British readers, by the way... I've been making a big deal out of the 20-24°C temps that we've been enjoying here in the Twin Cities. Just so you all know... Our recent spate of delightful weather is out of character for a Minnesotan April. Normally we'd be around 14°C for the regular high... So, yeah, we're having rather bizarre yet wonderful weather. I'm sure it won't actually last, but until it goes away, we're going to enjoy.

Okay... Links... Yeah, yeah, I know... But there's a reason. First... I found this blog the other day, and I HAVE to share a specific "entry" with you... Hatesexy. Why this particular posting? It's perhaps dating myself... However, I've never seen a better collection of "music" from my rather happy youth all end up in someone else's blog... I hope you find the humour, and the delight that I did from this collection.

Now for the "list" of fun-ness: (Yes, I know that isn't a word... Deal.)

  • The Webby Awards This is an annual award thing, for the internet... You can sign up, and vote for your favourites out of the previously nominated choices for various catagories. What I've done below, is list several of MY personal favourites, and linked to them.

  • Of course, Google bought the fugger... But this is a wonderful thing... "Web-based" wordprocessor. Writely

  • Due to My Lady and Shem Booth discussing "Synaesthesia" on Motif Radio last week... I thought THIS particular link was apropos: The Colour of Sound

  • 'Cause it's strange: a site that asks questions. Hmm....

  • My personal "favourite" political blogger is up for a Webby! BAGnewsNotes is a "visually" based blog about politics... I just LOVE this place!

  • We Make Money Not Art I like it simply for the title, really...

  • Great downloadable toy from Google? Google Earth

  • Lastly: Watch artists' work! Interesting site idea! ArtisanCam

Well... I'm going to end this fun wandering... And go update my "Photoblog" site. Cheerio!

-- Tuckmac