Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Dreaming of the Lottery or "Tuck's Wish List"

Hi folks... Yeah, I'm updating at 9-ish in the morning (CST).

Why? 'Cause I'm home from work due to personal issues. Well... And also to try to help My Lady, who just had a wisdom-tooth extracted... (I love that word... extracted sounds properly horrible.)

And what have I done this morning (since I woke up at the regular 5:30am time?) I've been daydreaming. That's right...

Do you ever sit around, and wonder how "wonderful" your life would be if you actually won the Lottery? Well, I tend to do it whenever I'm working a rather horrible job (like the one I have now) thus, I've been ACTIVELY daydreaming for the past three weeks.

SO.... I thought I'd play around on the internet a bit, and find stuff that I'm in LOVE with, and things that I would get if I won the Powerball.

Again... This is all dreaming... But man what fun it can be!

The first thing that popped into my head was this:
Nikon D200, Digital SLR but then, I thought about it... "Tuck, you're dreaming... Dream a bit." So... I then decided that if I won the lotto... I'd probably buy this one: Nikon D2x, Digital SLR.

The second fun thing was the printer I'd need to continue working the way I have been working.
Epson Stylus Pro 9800 Oh... What a beauty. And it prints such BEAUTIFUL Black and White prints... Hmmm.... Black and White....

Numero Tres? What could it be, but a fun way to get around town...
Victory Vegas Motorcycle. Some may ask, "Why not a Harley, Tuck?" To which I answer, "Um..." No, seriously... I LOVE Harley's... They're amazing bikes. However... I have to admit... I'm a bit of a geek. I just can't pull off a Harley. I can't. So... Go for the "New American Motorcycle" the "Victory." I know... Weird but true. I actually LIKE this bike. Och weel.

Number Four?
A Place to LIVE. I messed about on the Internet looking for something nifty to link to, however... I didn't find anything that really "excited" me enough to show you, my readers... So... Nothing here. As to location... That's the hard one. I tend to think "Downtown Minneapolis" when I think of nifty "loft living" or "Condo-owning." However... I spoke with My Lady a few weeks ago, and asked her where we'd live if we won the Lottery. She said... And I'm doing the exact quote here: "Why, Britain, of course." Yeah. Okay. To be honest... The idea of moving back to Britain after spending UNTOLD and UNTELL-IBLE amounts of money on getting My Lady her Green Card for the States, hurts a little bit... But except for that... I wouldn't be against moving back to England. I LOVE England, and I find myself missing it daily. Och weel.

Number Five:
I don't have one.


No, seriously... I've been messing about for the whole morning, and I can't think of any true "wish-list" sorts of things, beyond those four items. I mean... I know I'd go shopping for new clothes, and probably a new car, like a Mini Cooper, or something, pay off my debts, but... To be honest... I am one of those "Romantics" that actually believes that I'll have a bit of a splurge if I won the Lottery, but then... I'd invest most of the money, so I could live simply off the interest accrued.

Okay... So I'm boring. However... Look at it this way...

I'm an artist. My wife is an artist. Both of us would be perfectly happy having enough money to pay our monthly bills, enough for paying off our debt... Enough for travelling a few times a year... Enough to support our artistic practice, but...

Really... What else does one need?

I keep asking the gods for one of two things... First (and most humble) is just for a job that I don't "hate" and that allows me to support myself and My Lady. That's about it. The second thing (and least realistic) is to win the Lotto. However, the fact that I have such simple tastes (basic financial support) my dreams, even when involving the lotto are pretty, well... Cute would be preferable to naïve. But... I'm not going to push it.

What do YOU, my readers, think you'd do if you won the Lotto? Let's say... A small jackpot of $30 Million (or around £15 Million)

Let me know by leaving a comment! Links are cool too!

Ta, readers!