Thursday, April 27, 2006

Sorry international readers...

But this blog post is something a BIT closer to home for me...

Warning: Profane language is used in this posting
Do not continue reading if you would be offended by the "C" word or the "F" word... Or occasional OTHER words that may appear.

Do not continue reading if you support the Twins. I don't, and I get really angry later in this post. You don't want to read this, it would just piss you off.

You see, our Minnesota "Metrodome" stadium, downtown Minneapolis is 20 years old. And like in the past, when the Old Met stadium was 20 years old... They tore it down.

History, it seems, is due to repeat itself. For some reason... Although there are MANY famous stadia in the United States (Wrigley Field in Chicago being one) that have stood for MUCH longer than 20 years... We seem to HATE it if a stadium turns 20, and if we haven't built a new one yet.

I'm not a talented enough writer to actually convey my scorn, hatred and absolute RAGE in this space.

So... I won't even try. Carl Pohlad is a fucking cunt... And I hope he dies a horrible death by painful parasitical worms.

The Minnesota House of Representatives is peopled by fucking cunts for passing a Stadium Bill.

The Minnesota Senate had better block this fucking stadium bill, or I will call all of THEM fucking cunts too!

Our local columnist Nick Coleman wrote a sufficiently scornful column about what's been happening... So... Read it if you want the quick and the dirty... (Democracy is getting nuked in stadium push) If you don't click there... Here's the quick and the dirty.

Carl Pohlad is the owner of the Minnesota Twins (baseball team). He wants a new stadium. He's a Billionaire. Seriously. And the fucking cunt doesn't want to pay for it. He wants the STATE to pay for it.

The State doesn't WANT to pay for it. So... They have coerced Hennepin County (my home county) to raise a sales tax in order to pay for 3/4ths of the stadium's costs.

In order to raise a Sales Tax in any city/county/or metropolitan area... It's STATE FUCKING LAW that there be a voter referendum on the proposed raise in local taxes.

Carl (the fucking twat) and the rest of the State legislators KNOW that if it goes to the voters, we'd say NO.

Therefore... They've just passed a NEW bit of legislation in the House of FUCKING CUNT Representatives to raise the sales tax WITHOUT voter approval.

An easy vote for the Representatives to MAKE as 83 counties would not HAVE to worry about a sales tax.... Only the one. Mine.

Here's what cheeses me off... All the "Twins supporters" in the Cities and State keep harping on about "Tax money helping to build museums and theatres" and how it's only fair that it helps out with a stadium.

No. see... This is where you Twins fucking twat cunt supporters don't really get it. That's because many of you are uneducated Neanderthals that don't actually understand what a "NON-PROFIT" is... Or the difference between a PUBLICLY OWNED venue versus a Stadium that WE WOULD PAY FOR, and CARL AND THE TWINS WOULD MAKE ALL THE MONEY FROM!

Okay, that was unfair of me. I apologise to any Twins supporter that IS NOT an uneducated Neanderthal. The fact that I have not yet MET one that doesn't, at least vaguely, fit that description, is entirely my fault.

Fucking Hell!

No. I do NOT support the Twins... I want them to leave... They keep threatening, but they never actually seem to work up the fucking BALLS to get the fuck out of my state.


I don't fucking want you... Need you... Care about YOU or fucking BASEBALL.


-- Tuckmac