Sunday, May 07, 2006

Okay, Hi there.

After my last post, I decided to wait a while before blogging again. I wasn't in a good place. I said it then, but I'll say it again... Do not post a blog when you're in a pissy mood. It's not fair to your readers. Now that I've said that... I'm sure that I'll continue to break that rule rather often. However, I'm not breaking it today. My Lady and I had a marvellous day yesterday, and I'm enjoying my Sunday so far today!

Quick "Cheese Sandwich" part of this entry today:
Woke up, took my mother to Maplewood Mall to meet up with her sister and brother-in-law for a trip to Chicago to visit their OTHER sister. Came home. Read the really bad Saturday edition of the NY Times and Star and Sickle. Did laundry. Went food shopping with My Lady to Lunds... Got dinner makings... Bought booze. Lots and lots of booze. Went to the Video Store... Rented four "signature films" Reality Bites (a "signature" for me, being I was meant to graduate from University the same time they did in the film.) Pecker (a "signature" for My Lady, as it coloured her youth, and ideas of the art world.) Rushmore (First weird avant-garde type comedy film that I ever watched, thus opening my eyes to REAL films rather than just horrific Hollywood blockbusters) And... Um... I forgot the fourth film. Sorry. Did barbecue on the grill... Salmon steak for Tuckmac, REAL steak for My Lady. (By the way, I can really make a good steak. I don't know HOW exactly, as I cannot personally eat one, but... My Lady says my steaks are great!) Had lot's of beer/wine/vodka-POMs (pomegranate and tangerine juice stuff) Watched videos... Cuddled and other "married couple things that we do when our parents or "in-laws" are NOT in the bloody house with us.... Rinse, Repeat.

I have to mow the lawn today... But after that... It's more "being with my Lady" and enjoying the house to ourselves. Yay!

Great dips... Recently created in Tuckmac's kitchen:
  • VELVEETA Mexican cheese and salsa dip
  • Guac! Which is the healthier one.

Annoying "Da Vinci Code" saga continues story:
  • Cardinal urges legal action against Da Vinci Code So, is anyone else bored with this? I mean, when the book came out... Hoopla... Evil... Blasphemy... Et al... Why can't the church just get OVER this? Seriously... It's a work of bloody fiction, okay? If people DON'T know that... Then they're silly.

Just to firmly piss off my Ultra-conservative Fundamentalist Christian Readers...

Jesus was a man. Men get urges. Mary Magdelene was hot. He slept with her... He had LOTS OF SEX with Mary Magdalene, okay? For crying out loud... Why the heck NOT? Whether they were married or not, I don't know... Whether Jesus had CHILDREN, I don't know... Heck, I don't really care... But taking away his HUMANITY when you go on and on about his Divinity and Humanity in ONE person, well... You're just being silly. Oh, and another thing... Jesus' MOTHER Mary MAY have been a virgin when she became pregnant with Jesus. I'll let you believe that... But the talk about Joseph NEVER getting to make love to his wife for the rest of their lives? That's complete BULL-honky! For crying out loud... This whole "Josephian marriage" garbage is ridiculous! Why wouldn't Joe get to have ANY fun with his wife, just 'cause God was there first... That's just not bloody fair, or normal.


Okay... That's it for today, I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekends... I know I will.

-- Tuckmac