Thursday, May 25, 2006

Hmm... Fromage Croissant Blog

Sorry folks... Just a boring "what's up" sort of entry today.


What to tell you... Okay, first off...

I thought that I'd be getting "another go" at the Pearson Scoring Centre in Brooklyn Center.

Well... I went yesterday, and did the "training" and... When I hit the qualifying round (to prove that I could "score" the way California wanted me to) I failed miserably.

I sucked the BIG one...

So... I am NOT working at Pearson for the next few weeks... Meaning that I'm completely UN-employed, and on the market again.



Since I'm at "loose ends" at the mo'... I thought, heck... Time to get healthy. Yep...

My Lady and I did a great hour of exercise today... I did some yoga for the first time in WAY too long, and Fi worked out on the big "exercise ball" thinggy. Then we went out for a run.

Let me tell you... There's nothing more amusing than seeing a 33 year old guy, who hasn't run since high school, trying to keep up with his young 20-something wife.

Anyhoo... I'm actually feeling pretty good. I was able to keep up with my wife BARELY, and I'm happy to start getting back in shape.

It's really sad... Just "living" in Britain made me extremely fit... And in the six or so months I've been back in the States... I've become a LUMP!

So... Back to work... Get my bod in some shape, and make other women (besides my Lady) drool over me...


That's it for today folks... Wish me luck!

- Tuckmac