Thursday, June 01, 2006

Less hot, yet profoundly tired.

I actually AM profoundly tired.

I like that description. It's so much more than just "very" or something... The word profoundly just seems to carry so many connotations, that go beyond the simplistic adjective.

However, although I like the word, it doesn't mean that I enjoy actually feeling profoundly tired. I don't. I think it's quite crap, really.

Och weel.

I don't really know what's up with me. I'm still doing the "exercise" thing with My Lady... I'm eating better... I'm sleeping for 7.5 to 8 hours a night...

And I'm profoundly tired.

I'm starting to believe it's one of two things...

1. I have Hypothyroidism. I know... It's usually found in women, not so much in men... But the fact that my mother, her sisters, and 60% of my COUSINS have graves disease, or something... I mean... Check out these symptoms:

Coarse and thinning hair.
I HAVE been losing my hair
Brittle nails.
Dude, they break like... Well... A brittle nail
Dry skin.
I'm positively leathery at the mo'.
A yellowish tint to the skin.
Well, I'm more greenish, you know... Damn sneaky Romany ancestry
Slow body movements and speech.
Well... Yeah, I guess I'm a bit slow
Inability to tolerate cold.
I HATE the cold... Wait, not really... Um...
Feeling tired, sluggish, or weak.
Yes... Yes... See.... PROFOUNDLY TIRED
Memory problems, depression, or difficulty concentrating.
Um... What's my name again?
I'm not discussing my bowel to any of you.
Heavy or irregular menstrual periods that may last longer than 5 to 7 days.
Man... I've been going through the Tampax. Wait a minute... I don't menstruate!

Okay... I've got to stop searching WebMD!

Okay... OR numero 2:
They've been LYING to us... And exercise is actually detrimental to humans! I mean... Seriously... I'm fine, all is roses... And I start to exercise with My Lady. I do yoga every day... I'm jogging with her every other day... And doing some free-weight sort of stuff... Right... All good. I'm eating better, correctly... Trying to balance my carb and protein intake... Etc... Etc...

And I'm tired. All the bloody fucking time... I get done exercising, and I feel sick. And I spend the rest of the day feeling like death warmed over.

See... I'm living (albeit soon to die, at this rate) proof that exercise is the devil!

Be careful, folks... I suggest 20 hours in front of the telly, with a package of cheese and onion flavoured crisps, and lots of diet soda!


Anyhoo... Now that I've kvetched for the past half hour.... I'm going to finish up this "cheese sandwich" blog with a bit of interesting, and possibly exciting news.

A friend of a friend is travelling to Germany for four months... Sept. thorough Dec. And she needs a house-sitter or two...

Guess who THAT may be????

That's right... My Lady and I. Both Fi and I were planning on trying to save money, and hopefully getting out of the "parent's house" by next December... But... That's a LONG way away. But... In our own interests, perhaps a necessary evil. However... If we're house-sitting... For four months... In the very neighbourhood that we were planning on attempting to get a flat...

Well... The gods are smiling upon us.

We get to test-drive the neighbourhood, sort of... And we get out of the house four months earlier than we had planned.


So... We're meeting with the very nice person at her house next Wednesday. So... Yay!

That's it for today folks... I'm going to go take a nap.