Saturday, May 27, 2006



Okay, so... Most of my readers know, that I'd been living in Britain till November of 2005 for a few years.

I really rather liked the weather in the UK. I actually did. I know, I'm strange. However...

Check this out - Off my "google home page" thinggy at 2:00-ish pm.

Isn't that just CRAP! I mean... As of a few minutes ago, according to my other weather thinggy... It's 31°C in my BACK GARDEN!


Look... It's going to get hot this summer... I know that. I mean... Temps get up around 37-40° C at the Summer's worst, in Minnesota. That doesn't mean that I have to like it. I think it's bloody miserable! Gah!

Well... At least it's sunny.

Okay... Funny picture:

Memnon making a break for it.

Actually, just kidding. The dog's developed a love for digging out old tree stumps and roots. I kid you not. Anyhoo... There USED to be an old rotting stump in that hole, and now he's attacking one of the roots. Luckily... There's a fence-post in another 10 cm or so, and it's a nicely sunk post... with about a metre of concrete holding it in the ground. I'm fairly certain that Memnon's not going to be getting anywhere.

At least I hope so.

Uh... Okay, My Lady's at work. That's right... It's her "first day" as a wage-earner in the United States of Insanity.

We're both tickled. And I'm sure that eventually she's going to let people know how the job is going... So click on her blog often!

Our "exercise routine" is still happening. Please gods, and readers... Tell me that it gets BETTER! My body is pretty much screaming in agony at every minute! My Lady got me up this morning (on a Saturday no less) at 6:30 am so we could go running before she had to go to work!

7:00am RUN For chissake!

Man. However... I'm up to TWO days of running and three of yoga. Gah.

I have a request for my readers (and any deities that may be reading)... Please hope/pray/happy karmic thoughts towards me... There's a job at a certain Community College in the Twin Cities that is MADE for me... It's a great little (well, it's a good size actually) college with a sabbatical replacement needed for their photo programme. Not just that, it's also a "artist in residency" thinggy too... Meaning that not only do I get to teach my best and favourite form of art... I also am REQUIRED to DO my photography. Both of my loves... Making photos and teaching, ALL IN ONE JOB!

Sounds rough, huh?


Anyhoo... It's sort of a "dream" for me to get this position... So any "goodness" you can send my way is appreciated! Thanks!

I'm off...

Smiles and Kittens!

-- Tuckmac