Friday, June 09, 2006

Okay... What to do today???

Fun site for not ONLY my Brit readers... But everyone else too, I think... Here's an example:

Bill Bailey Reference... I hope!?!?!?!

Check out the rest of these fun "British Small Ads" here.

My Brit readers and friends know about the "Bunny Suicides" book. In fact... I think I left my copy at the Bell and Crown Pub in Canterbury. Wonder what the new owners thought of that. Hmm.... Anyhoo.... For my readership OUT-side of the U.K. who may not have seen the wonder and the twisted sickness of this amazing cartoon... I give you:

The Bunny Suicides "on-line"

And because I AM a political whore... Great "political" art, collected in an easy to view page:

Peace Not War (dot) org

And finally... Yeah, you guessed it... I just HAVE to be political and do a rant.

Yesterday, the U.S. Senate Republican's tried to repeal the "Estate Tax." What IS the "Estate Tax?" It's a tax on inheritances on estates OVER $2,000,000 dollars. The tax would bring IN $355 BILLION over the next 10 years to our federal coffers... But the Republicans are ALL ABOUT cutting taxes... Even though our education system, homelessness, AND you know... That little thing called the "War on Terror" is underfunded. Still... We need to cut taxes. And WHOSE taxes do they wish to cut? Just the very SMALL 1 digit percentage of the richest of the richest in our already rich f-ing country!

Look, as a "Bleeding Heart Liberal" I get a LOT of guff over the fact that I don't "hate" taxes the way everyone else in my country seems to hate them. I think taxes are rather important... You know... To, like, PAY for stuff! Dems have been called "Tax and Spend" Liberals for a VERY long time now... And there's this bizarre ignorance of the Republicans, in general. You see... They keep "cutting taxes" 'cause that's what they do... But they tend to SPEND more than the Dems do.

Back in the 80's (under Reagan) our taxes fell... And our spending went up... And we had a HUGE federal deficit. Then... After the first "oopsie" with Bush I... We got Clinton... For the first time in a LONG time... The U.S. actually had a budget SURPLUS... We began LOWERING our federal deficit.

Now... Here we are again... Bush II, and the deficit is THROUGH THE BLEEDIN' ROOF!

Folks... Look... If you're fiscally conservative, I actually don't mind. Being "money-minded" is a great thing, and it's made our country great. But even YOU folks have to sit back and do the really basic mathematics. If you spend money... You have to MAKE money. We all do this everyday... We work for a living, so we can AFFORD to live.

Not so, the U.S. Republican Government. Och, nae! We don't need to "make" money... We'll just borrow it from the Chinese, or the Saudis... Or someone else, and continue to spend like we're bored housewives in a day at Harrod's.

Luckily... The Senate, yesterday, was unable to repeal the "Estate Tax." However... They also cut out a budget measure that would bump up security at our ports. It would only cost a few MILLION dollars, but... Oh no... We need to CUT Billions.


You know... A few more years of the Republicans in control, and Osama and his buddies (minus al-Zarqawi, of course... Good shootin' Yanks) won't need to attack the U.S... 'Cause China's goin' to OWN our ass.

Think about it.

Okay, ta!

-- Tuckmac.