Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Cheese Sandwich no. 372

Or something like that.

I've realised that I've been, like... ÜBER-political... And although I was going to start harping on "Global Warming" and Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth film... And how George Will of the Washington Post (major "conservative" paper in the U.S.) Wrote yet ANOTHER commentary piece making fun of Gore... And saying that Gore's battle for the environment is simply a "campaign for the Presidency" or some such bollocks... And also pulling the same ol' same ol' argument that "Global Warming" is a myth with things like:
    "But this is not where debate ends, but where it begins, given that at any moment in its 4.5 billion years, the planet has been cooling or warming. The serious debate is about two other matters: The contribution of human activity to the current episode of warming and the degree to which this or that remedial measure (e.g., the Kyoto Protocol) would make a difference commensurate with its costs.
I mean... They KEEP DOING THIS!!! Why IS it that pretty much EVERYWHERE in the world... The governments and politicians KNOW that "Global Warming" is a real problem, and that we, as humans, are contributing to the down-fall of our planet...

Except HERE in the friggin' STATES?!?!?!?!

Gah! Look... I'll say it again... Contrary to the conservatives in the U.S.... Global Warming is a REAL human-caused problem, and no matter HOW many fake scientists are bought by the Big Oil Companies to "poo-poo" the whole idea... It's REAL!

Also... Since I'm here... I'll say that there's NO WAY IN HELL anyone would vote for Al Gore in 2008, 'cause he's STILL a boring old walking tree talking really, really slowly with a "Lurch-like" posture, and a frighteningly BAD public persona. Hell... I wouldn't vote for the guy, and I'm an environmentalist liberal of the first order...



As you can tell by the title... I wasn't going to GO there today. I was just going to talk about my life, and how weirdly boring it is.

Well... Okay, I guess this wasn't a "cheese sandwich" blog today. Hope you'all don't mind.