Monday, June 12, 2006



You know, even WITHOUT a job... Mondays still suck. Sorry, but they do. And I apologise to my readers if using the word: "suck" offends you, but... I honestly can NOT think of a more appropriate adjective at this hour of the morning on a bloody MONDAY! AAAAHHHH!!!

Well, to start off today's post for "real" I found a great quote in the Star and Sickle and I can't find a direct LINK to the damn quote... But I'll copy it here with the emphasis added by L.K. Hanson (Star Trib Staffer) because frankly... I like where Hanson put the emphasis:
    Conservatives are not necessarily stupid, but most stupid people are Conservatives - John Stuart Mill (1806-1873) English philosopher and political economist.

Ha... It's nice to know that my hatred of conservatives and stupid people is based on history that is older than 100 years.


The Minnesota DFL (Democratic Farmer-Labour) Party has just had their 'State Convention' where party delegates get together to 'endorse' their favourite candidate for the various upcoming elections in November. And once again... I'm depressed. Yep... That's right... I'm down-right tired.

I've been ranting on and on about my feelings about various and sundry issues... And a few things really cheese me off. It's really summed up by the founder of the Daily Kos... (I'll paraphrase, 'cause I can't find the exact quote):
    We've been failed twice. We've been failed by the Republicans, because they can't govern, and we've been failed by the Democrats because they can't get elected.

It's that second bit that really stands out to me as being a serious issue for the liberals in my country... The damn idiots can't seem to get bloody well ELECTED for anything!

I've been told... And I have read about... And I have 'heard' about... And I have been shouted at... ad nauseam, about electablity and how the candidates I would normally endorse are "unelectable" due to their being "too liberal" or "on the fringes of socialist/communistic ideals" or some such crap...

Case in point... The MN DFL has chosen to endorse Mike Hatch for our person to run for "governor" in November. Mike Hatch is a "okay" Dem, I suppose... He's currently our Attorney General of Minnesota... He has a history of going after "big business" and standing up for the little guy. Now look... I like Mike Hatch. However, this guy has already LOST the race for the governor of Minnesota twice before... What? We are just really desperate to have a "THREE TIME LOSER"??? I mean... Seriously... He's already FAILED against our current incumbent Governor, Tim Pawlenty (the great Satan of Minnesota) and we're going to put him in the race AGAIN??? What? We like LOSING that much? Jesus-Cluny-Frog!

Becky Lourey lost in the convention this weekend. She was tossed out of the voting pretty early on, against Mike Hatch and the other guy, that I don't remember the name of (yeah, he's THAT bad)... Who's Becky? A rural state-senator who's been called an "idealistic" and "naive" Liberal. I fell in LOVE with this woman when I read an article in the City Pages a few weeks ago... I'll let you read the article by Britt Robson for yourself. Perhaps you'll see why I like this rather indomitable woman.

Anyhoo... The DFL decided that the two-time loser Mike Hatch, would be a better candidate for Governor, due to him being "more electable" than Becky Lourey, due to her being "too lefty" or something...

I could quote you OTHER people that are "endorsed" for various and sundry "State and Federal" offices... Like Amy Klobuchar for U.S. Senate... Look... Great lady... More moderate than Clinton was...

I don't know...

Where am I going with this ramble?

Supposedly... My country is trending more "Conservative" (see the quote with which I started this scree, please) and that truly "Liberal Democrats" don't have a chance in popular elections. But I just really don't know. I've read TOO MANY blogs and opinions where young-people, and old people alike, are "tired of politics" due to how we can't tell the difference between the parties anymore. It's true. You honestly can't, really... Tell.... Anymore just who's a Democrat or who's a Republican. Both parties are more crooked than a bendy-road in Northern Scotland... Both tended to vote for the war in Iraq. Both seemed to like building huge stadiums using public money to fund private rich-people's businesses...

It's all just crap. And instead of trying something NEW and perhaps seeing if the people are ready to vote for a REAL Democrat rather than a Republican in "Lefty" clothing... The DFL/Dems have decided to ONCE AGAIN screw the Liberals... And endorse the "centre-left" crapolas!

I'll tell you, Tuckmac's ideal "Tuck-Democratic-Liberal" parties platform... And see just how much any of these things get brought up by our "so-called Liberal" candidates during the election:
  • Universal Healthcare for everyone
  • Raise taxes on the RICH, not the middle-class or poor
  • Prosecute BUSINESSES that hire Illegal Immigrants, rather than prosecuting poor people who just want a chance in the States
  • More money to Education
  • More money to Police/Fire/Safety
  • Early childhood funding
  • A "liveable wage" rather than a minimum wage
  • Shoring up security HERE in THIS country, rather than fighting an illegal war in a foreign country that had NOTHING to do with 9/11
  • FREE-FAIR-Trade
  • NEW Kyoto Treaty that actually protects the environment, rather than limiting third-world countries from advancing
  • HIGHER Gas-prices to spur individuals AND automobile manufacturers to buy environmentally SOUND cars
  • A new infrastructure of public transportation... Light rail EVERYWHERE... Electric/Hybrid vehicle Bus-fleets... Et Cetera
  • Constitutional Law once AGAIN superseding a false President in the White House
  • ANY OTHER THING I'VE FORGOTTEN, that I will probably bring up in the next few weeks.

I'm tired folks... I'll keep railing against my country, don't worry... I refuse to give up the fight... We'll have to see what happens this November... And in the final two years...

I'll stop for now. I love all of my readers... And thanks for letting me go off like this!