Thursday, June 15, 2006

Promised "Cheese Sandwich" blog - or Diary entry...

Hi folks. Well, Abi's been after me to update the world (which really means friends around the States and in Britain) to what I've been up to. So... Here we go.

First, job stuff (just to get it out of the way):

The "really awesome" job at a community college in the Twin Cites that I was REALLY REALLY hoping for... STILL has not contacted me. As I haven't heard anything... I'm not going to keep holding my breath. I've been asking around, and it seems that the way most educational-type places handle a job search, is to NOT tell you much UNTIL the job is actually filled. This way... If the person that they've interviewed and given the job to, doesn't sign the contract... Then they can go back and start looking again. Or something... But as I didn't even get an interview for the position... I'm thinking that I'm probably not in the running. I really wish I were. I think the college is making a mistake, as I would've been the best person for the job... However... Not much I can do about it.

I've just applied for another position at a different "trade-school" sort of place... Literally JUST... And it would be interesting... It's not a "teaching" position, it's more of a coordinator of sorts. I have quite a bit of experience in educational/academic support... So, who knows? It would be a nice job to get, and so we'll see.

The continued search for a "job" job isn't going anywhere. Folks... If you think that you can get a Master's degree, and then work as a bartender or server somewhere... FORGET IT! They take ONE LOOK at your education, and figure you're a bad risk.

You know... The annoying thing, is that I'd LOVE to get a "job" job. Not that I think of myself as a bartender or something, but... It would allow me to "support" myself, and My Lady, and still do artwork. Which, of course, as an artist... That's what I really would like to do. But... Nope.

So, I continue my search. Wish me luck.

Secondly, the puppy

That's right... Memnon... He's fully recovered from his eunuchisation... Poor little thing... He had his "post-op" check at the vet's yesterday, and he's doing really well. He's returned to chasing after tennis-balls and chew toys... And to prancing around the yard with a chewed up trainer (tennis shoe). Since getting the "cone" off his head, he's also happily crawling underneath the back-deck, and keeping out of the hot sun. We're not sure why he squeezes himself under there, but... Whatever... My Lady and I are sincerely hoping that once we have our own flat... They'll allow for Memnon... As we really don't want to leave him at the house with my mother. It's not that she's a bad owner... But the fact is... He's really MY dog, and I don't think he'd like it, if I weren't around.

Third: The house-sitting opp.

That's right... It's all sorted. We're SO FREAKING HAPPY! Starting next Tuesday (the 20th) My Lady and I will be house-sitting in St. Paul. It's right on the border of Minneapolis and St. Paul by the University of Minnesota campus. It's a great little house... And there's NOT A PARENT AROUND! Gah! You know, the funny thing... Is that Fiona and I lived BY OURSELVES for only two months before the wedding... And since just before the wedding, we've either been living with HER parents, or with my mother... Not a good thing for a married couple. Oh... Don't worry... We're not at each other's throats, or anything... But it's going to be VERY nice to "live alone" for a while.

This first go, is only for three weeks or so... But then, in September we're moving back to the house for a "second" house-sit that will last through December. So... We're really happy.

For any visitors from Britain... Sept 15 through Dec 7th would be a GREAT TIME to visit!

After moving out of the house-sit in December... Fiona and I are hoping to have a flat... So we won't have to return to the "parent's house" situation again! Wish us luck! There's a great new "Artist-Loft" building going up only a few blocks from the house we'll be "sitting" at... It's three big warehouse conversions... And we'd LOVE to get in there. It's again, just on the border of the two cities, is on a major bus line... And is "someday" going to have the second "light-rail" track going through... We'll see if we qualify for it. It's $850 a month for a studio/loft/home thing... And usually it's bigger than most places for the price. We're going to be contacting the leasing company soon.


Is going well... Still making photos. My Lady and I still do Motif Radio... We're still working on collaborative work... Fiona's still working on performance ideas... Etc... Etc...


That's about it.

There you go... Cheese-sandwich supreme!

Take it easy everyone...

-- Tuckmac