Saturday, July 22, 2006

Saturdays are for surfing.

Saw a couple of funny images today...

Here's one:

Bushie the cook.

Here's another one:

And we've all probably seen this already... But:

Bush Groping Merkel

I mean, honestly. Not that I can link to it on the blog, since the NY Times started charging money for links, but... Maureen Dowd wrote a great peice comparing Bush to a frat-boy who's never grown up. Frankly... It's a bit apt a description. Man.

Once again, to all my readers outside the U.S... I'm sorry. But there's 49% of my fellow Yanks that DIDN'T vote for the budgie in office... So... Please keep that in mind. We're not ALL stupid over here.

That's it for today I think... May have more later. Not sure.

Anyhoo... Smiles,