Sunday, July 23, 2006

Just doing some quick links this Sunday...

Hi there folks. I'm not really in the mood to write a big long blog today, however, as some news-items caught my attention... I thought I'd throw them up here for my kind, gentle readers:
  • Dangerous Art. Two Killed as Artwork 'Lifts off' Hmm... I wonder if the artist filled out a proper 'Heath and Safety Report' before installing his work.
  • Microsoft proves to be no worry to Apple, once again. Sorry... I know that I'm a bit biased, but... Really... Everyone is trying to jump on the Apple iTunes/iPod revolution, and some companies are actually beginning to compete (sort of) with Apple. One company that I just don't see being a "threat" is Microsoft. I mean... This is the company that continuously makes more and more confusing products for it's users, and they can not, will not be able to compete with Apple in this particular market. Apple is easy. Microsoft isn't. End of freaking list. Microsoft has the entire world at it's feet in the computing world. I'm not arguing with that... But the reason that Apple and it's iPod are so bloody popular, is that it's so bloody easy, even a typical "person" who doesn't really grasp e-mail, can use the darn thing. Microsoft... Muahahahaha! Yeah... Whatever.
  • America's Worst Cars The article is actually rather balanced... They show their results, and the methodology of HOW they achieved their results... Frankly... I just say: "Every American Car Sucks" and let it go at that. Both My Lady and I agree, that if we're ever rich enough... This is what we're getting: The Volkswagen Golf (Rabbit) and a Vespa. We figure we can "share" a car and a scooter, and also deal with America's "rising gasoline prices" in an economical way.

Okay... That's it for today, folks... Thanks for visiting.


Edit - 2:33pm Sunday
Sorry... Just found a great "letter" to the American People that I think is rather juicy. From the Daily Kos, What did you expect, America? It's a good "letter" to the Yanks, if I do say so myself. And I do.