Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Nifty to the max...

Right, so... Surfing around on the BBC News web site and I found this rather wonderful new "thing" that they're trying:

BBC News Podcasts

It's amazing. As an ex-ex-pat person, like myself... One of the things that I miss most desperately from my "former home" is the BBC. Now, I know... "There's BBC America" and other less helpful advice.

Yes. I know that there is BBC America. However, when one can not afford cable/pay t.v., then one is up the crick wi'out a paddle.

Anyhoo... Many of you know that My Lady has a wonderful "Contemporary Art Podcast" that she hosts, called: Motif Radio that I also help to co-produce thanks mainly to her own largesse... Her podcast is what got me into the exploration of other podcasts.

Well... Thanks to the popularity of this "new media," mainstream media, like the BEEB, is finally getting onto the bandwagon.

Final plug to make today... Is iTunes. That's right... For both Mac and PC... There is no-better program on the market for usability and functionality than iTunes. Click on the link iTunes and get it right now! You see... iTunes will allow you to "subscribe" to podcasts... Meaning that if you have iTunes "running" it will automatically download the most recent "podcast" episode that you "subscribe" to every day/week/month/year, or whatever.

It's really easy.


Again... iTunes works for BOTH PC and Mac... So there's no excuses here...

Get it. Get Podcasted! Do it now.

The king has spoken...

-- T