Saturday, August 05, 2006

Hi there...

Well, I haven't been "blogging" as much as usual. And I'm sorry to all of my avid readers. However, I've been noticing that I am not the only blogger to be "remiss" in their duties.

I like blogging. I really do. I think it serves a purpose, even if most of that purpose is ego-stoking and ranting. I mean, do you really want to keep all of your frustrations deep inside your psyche? Or is it better to spew out an occasional stream of venom, and then get over it?

I tend to think that venting my frustrations to the world is a good thing for me, and frankly... Honest Kind Reader... You're attentions are secondary to my own ego. But then, you're probably used to that. Most blogs are not set out to "assist" you the reader in your lives, on the contrary... As blog readers (and I am one as well) there's a certain kind of voyeurism that we get out of reading these skewed viewpoints on the web.

But I digress. There's a specific piece of news that I've been desperately avoiding. It's the troubles in the Middle East. We all know... Hezbollah bombing Israel, Israel bombing Lebanon... On ward and upward... or more true: offward and downward, but I again digress.

I'm supposed to put my views about this problem up on the web, you know, like I usually do. However, I've decided to not drag myself into this quagmire that is the Mid-East. Folks, all of us know that there is no innocence on the part of anyone in that blighted region of the Earth. I think perhaps that Craig Ferguson on late-night television said it best last week:
    "Troubles again in the Middle East? Bush says peace will be restored? What peace? Folks, there hasn't been any peace in the Mideast for 5000 years! Why is everyone so shocked about new troubles in the Mideast? They're OLD troubles..."
And that's true. Come on... When has that area ever been peaceful?

My own view points? Let'em figure it out themselves. The best thing my country could/should and WON'T do... Is get the fug out of there, and forget it. Let 'em squabble for SAND all on their own. Criminey!

There you go... That's Tuckmac's Mideast-rant of the month.

-- T