Thursday, August 17, 2006

Web Hosting.

I'm not going to slander the company with whom My lady and I have been "hosted" for our professional website.

Quick explanation for less techie sorts that may read this...

My Lady and I have a domain name. Meaning a website "address." You "register" a domain name (meaning we lease it sorta) through an international company based in the U.S. So... for example is "leased" by the BBC and so no one else can use it. Anyhoo... Although we "lease" our name through this "mega-corporation" we have to have a major "server" somewhere that "hosts" our website. All of the files that make up a web-site have to be put SOMEWHERE so that people can view the website through a browser like FireFox or Explorer (poo on them) or Safari... Et al. Many different companies do this. My first "hosting" company was PressEnter a little hosting company based out of Wisconsin. They were a nice enough company, but very limited... It would've been very costly to stay with their company.

So my friend N8 sorted me out with a company that for legal reasons, I'll simply call "The Evil Company" and leave it there.

Now... Do NOT think that this is a blog against my friend N8. It's not. He set me up with a company that HE was with, and at the time... It seemed to be a great company to go through. We had complete access... Could control everything... Could have all the space we needed on-line... All the e-mails that I could've wished for... Etc... Etc... Etc... Like I said... Great place!


In the past few months, "The Evil Company" has shown it's true colours. First... Our access to all the extended "wizz-bangers" that we used to have... Setting up multiple e-mail accounts... Sub-domains... All the cool stuff...

All of this went away. We contacted the company with our complaints, and... Nothing. Nada... Zip... Zero... No response. Well... We were basically cheesed off... But N8 knew the guy, and was bitching more than WE were, so... We waited, with N8, thinking that perhaps this issue would be fixed.

It's been four months now... And no fix.

Then... Our e-mail stopped working... Once again... Lodged a complaint, and sat...

Well... For almost two weeks now... Our PROFESSIONAL E-MAIL has not worked. And the company has again, ignored our complaint, and not done anything about it.

As artists, and designers... And POOR people... We depended on our web presence, and our e-mails, etc, for our livelihood. The fact that "The Evil Company" has completely failed to live up to THEIR half of our business contract has forced us to leave them.

N8, I know you're going to read this... YOU ARE SO AWESOME... Seriously... When "The Evil Company" began being, well... Evil... N8 came through for me in all of my questions and issues... He's been a stalwart friend, helping me deal with my technological problems, without a single complaint. Thank you N8, for being such a great friend, and know that I (and Fiona) appreciate you!

You see, everyone... When "The Evil Company" had finally broken my camel's back... N8 came through ONCE AGAIN, and found me a NEW company with whom to deal... It's called GoDaddy and it's a wonderful deal... We're basically getting the exact same service that we had from "The Evil Company" for HALF the price... And instead of dealing with an impersonal "e-mail" customer service centre, we're able to actually TALK to a HUMAN!

GoDaddy will be "hosting" our website from now on... It'll take about a week for everything to go through, so... Please, if you look at our site on a regular basis, be patient as we get our domain switched... It takes a bit of time... And our e-mails will be back up in about a week as well.

N8, final thank you. You've really helped Fiona and myself navigate the strange ether that is the "internet" and we love you!

Tuckmac and Fi