Sunday, September 03, 2006

Sunday 3rd Sept. And a short 'n.

I hit my hand yesterday. Hard. It's a bit swollen, so... I'm typing with one hand. Gah. It's a mess. Aspirin is a good thing.

Quick post due to my injury:

Great Quote, today... From Quotes of the Day on my Google homepage:


Quick posting to N8... Fi and I are still arguing over a day to go out this week. You may be off... But Fi and I work everyday between the two of us. We'll get there.

Quick posting to Brett... Welcome home! We've missed you during your European Peregrinations.

And a political link, 'cause I can't help it:
English-Winglish Dictionary (Updated) Ha...

Sorry folks... Going to go ice my hand again... Ta!

-- Tuckmac