Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Yay... Something for me to be angry about...

Hold onto your horses, folks... I'm cheesed off.

The current Bush administration, the Fascists and Nazis of America have just called all of us, those of us that are Democrats...

Nazi Sympathisers.

That's right... Because I, with most of my "liberal-lefty" peeps, have been calling for a withdrawal from Iraq.... We, according to Rumsfeld, are Nazi sympathisers.

I don't know... Sometimes you just want to just fall over, and twitch in a Grand Mal Seizure, or... Or... VAH!

The group of men whom have done more to stoke terrorists, and support evil regimes, and take away basic rights of Americans... This group of scary white men (and one really scary black-woman) have personified the Nazi party in so many ways that I am well and truly afraid... Seriously... I am afraid for my country and for my personal freedom...

This group, calls me a Nazi sympathiser.
    To: Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney (Pot)
    From: Tuckmac (Kettle)
    Re: Nazism

    You're black.

    Sincerely, Tuckmac (kettle)

Man. I was actually shaking with rage this morning. Wow. You know... I'm getting quite tired of being called a defeatist, and a Nazi sympathiser, and a "cut and run" Democrat.

Mr. Bush... Katrina. You promise, and you promise, and you cajole, and you "roll up your sleeves" and you know what? You have done EFF-ALL for New Orleans. See, someday... You actually have to DO something for the people of New Orleans. You seem to think that saying: "I understand your pain, and am going to do everything I can for you." is all you have to do. See, you are the President of the most powerful country in the world. People actually believe that you can do something. So... When you SAY that you're going to do something, and then you don't it sorta Pisses us off!!!

Point Numero TWO: You have said it yourself... Iraq had NOTHING to do with the attacks on 9/11/2001. So... What exactly IS the point for staying in Iraq, facing a civil war, and killing thousands of Iraqis and hundreds of American soldiers? You keep saying "fight terrorists somewhere AWAY from America." Mr. Bush... Although there are a few terrorists in Iraq, the people we're actually fighting in Iraq are normal Iraqis that bloody well hate us for a bloody well good reason! The really amusing thing, that rather chaps my HIDE is that if we pulled OUT of Iraq... The crazies would kill each-other OFF without us having to do a bloody eff-ing thing! Give the Kurds their "Kurdistan" give the Sunnis their "Sunni-istan" and the Shias their "Shia-istan" and then get the hell out of there! See... The war ends... Everyone is happy... We're safely at home... And the terrorists have no one to shoot at.

Point Numero THREE: You, Mr. Bush, keep saying that we're safer than we were before Iraq. Bull-shite! We're not safer... Our Ports are known to be completely undefended. People in Britain are mixing up drug-store liquids and attempting to get onto planes... And you still have a few hundred people sitting in a jail in a foreign country without being charged! You are tapping phone-calls by my wife to her mother, and I frankly don't think you're doing anything at bloody eff-all except hiding in a closest in the Lincoln bed-room sucking your thumb and crying to your pappas Dicky and Rummy, and waiting for your sad, and HORRIFIC presidency to be over.

Well... Mr. Bush... You have two more years as our President. You can do nothing and go down as the most stupid, inept and frighteningly shite President the United States has ever known... Or you could.

Wait. Nevermind. There's absolutely nothing you can do that will change History's idea of what you are. You are a bloody eff-ing moron whom will be reviled by the entire world and there's nothing you, Rummy, Dicky, or CONDIE can do, that will change that.

I just can't wait till your term is up, and you go away, sir. You have embarrassed me for six years, and you will continue to do so for the rest of your term.

You sir, are shite.


-- Tuckmac