Thursday, August 31, 2006


I'm not going to apologise for my tirade yesterday...

It really DID cheese me off.

And today... Something else rather cheesed me off, but I promise to be a bit more balanced and fair.

There's continuing talk of "Liberal Media Bias" and of course, we of the Fox News generation know this "supposed" LIBERAL bias is completely unfounded. The fact, folks... Is that depending on your "flavour" of news, you're going to get a leaning of some sort. I've sort of spoken about it before... I read the New York Times 'cause they lean Lefty. I don't read the Washington Post 'cause they lean Righty... But it IS still just a LEAN. There's a thousand times I get cheesed off at the NY Times for a bone-headed editorial that I consider to be "too moderate" for my liking, and there's times that the Washington Post does a great job of covering something, and I give them kudos* for a good article.

That being said... I'm going to have to re-name the Star and Sickle the "Rovian Reporter." With it's continued support of the Twins Stadium, and non-referendum'ed Taxpayer money to pay for it... And today...



Okay, so in the "Metro Section" they have a short "Meet the Voters" of six Minnesotan voters, that the StarTrib is going to "check in upon" during the upcomming mid-term elections. The first guy is a "DFL-er" who "can change" And seems to support everything the Republican's do... The next is a "Leans DFL" who think's Pawlenty is great. The Second a "used to be Republican" who doesn't like Gov. Pawlenty, but thinks Mark Kennedy is a "great guy." The next, "Ex-republican" who's voting DFL-er... The next is an "Independant" who's voting a straight Republican ticket... The next... Republican, voting republican... Then they have a "Daughter of a Republican" who's going to vote Republican 'cause Dad's an old GOP-er, or some such crap...

Anyone else notice something here?

Minnesota is the one of the last "Blue States" (which in the US means Liberal. We're opposite Britain's political-colour code)

And somehow the "voters" that the StarTrib-Roveian-Reporter find, lean Republican.

So... In the attempt at true FAIRNESS... I'm going to be offering MY BLOG as the "Minnesotan Democrat" voter. Whenever the Rovian-Reporter does a "talk with the Voters" thing... I'm going to answer the same questions that they did... So... Here goes... Tuckmac's entry:

    Tuckmac, 33, Bloomington/St. Paul, Photographer/I.T. Academic, DFL.


    "Lately I've become even MORE DFL than I had been before. I've been vaguely independent, but due to the mess the country is in, I've gone firmly into the DFL camp," Tuckmac said. "Bush has been the worst thing to happen to our country for over one-hundred years."


    "Pawlenty and Hatch are exactly the same worthless person, in different suits. I support Becky Lourey, as she's an actual Democrat, as opposed to the republican in sheep's clothing that Hatch truly is."

    He picked Klobuchar for senator in the Minnesota Poll, and said Klobuchar "is the only choice for Minnesota. Mark Kennedy is a Bush-ite and supports the President in basically every way. Regardless of his lying in his own commericals to the contrary."
So... There you go folks... Keep posted to this site to hear a TRUE Democrats viewpoints on the Minnesota Election.

-- Tuckmac

* KUDOS as in the original word... Not the "MySpace" crap. I'm old, remember?