Saturday, September 02, 2006

Weekend... Yay!

Hi folks... Well, I just had my FIRST day at work yesterday (Friday Sept.1).

I am really going to like this job. Yay! It was a bit of a whirlwind day... And I have a big learning curve that I have to overcome. However, the people are amazingly nice, and I feel rather confident that all will be great after about a month. Yeah... I know, but there's SO much to learn about this job... But I KNOW I'll be a really good addition to the already great staff.

My schedule is going to be pretty nice. Monday day, and Wed. evenings, and Thursday Noon till 9pm. (the long shift)

So... All will be great. This job also leaves me a good Fri-Sat OFF, meaning I should be able to finangle a part-time bar-gig on the weekend nights for extra money. I'm not going to start looking for yet ANOTHER job so soon... I want to get a handle on this I.T. job first.

Anyhoo... I have a great link from my friend N8... His site still isn't back up yet (he had the same issue we did with our hosting company for the website... So... He's still waiting for his servers to be switched. It should be soon... Hopefully... We all miss his dry sense of humour on-line...

Here's an example of N8's humour. I almost fell off my chair laughing...


After seeing that one from N8... I trolled around a bit on the site and found THESE two others that I think are great too...

Damn you Duchamp and Dr whowhathow?


Anyhooossss That's it for today, readers... Have a great weekend!
-- T