Wednesday, September 06, 2006


As most of my "kind readers" know, I've begun my new job at my "Little 'Ol Liberal Arts University" From NOW ON, known as: LOLAU, 'cause the acronym looks vaguely Like "laugh-out-loud-at-you" in txt-spk.

Anyhoo... I've begun down at LOLAU, and it's a wonderful place to work. I really enjoy my coworkers, and the students that we have working in the Video-lab are top-notch. That's not to say that they don't lean towards the "vague" at times... But that's to be assumed... I have two VERY good friends, N8 and Meshtey Fer, who fit the same profile. You know, really REALLY intelligent and more than happy to "geek-out" at the slightest provocation? That type. Anyhoo... The students that work in the Vid-lab are quite a bit like my friends, so... I'm used to it.

Come to think about it... I'm a bit of a "geek-out" sort of person, m'self.

The REALLY amazing thing? The friend that helped me get this job is a HUGE computer-savvy woman... And strangely... She doesn't "scream geek" like most of us do. I don't know how she can look, act and BE so normal... I mean, when we all KNOW that she gets just as excited about a new "tech-gadget" as we do.


Anyhoo... The job is great. I'm learning all sorts of nifty stuff... And I'm having a great time.

Obviously... My blogging is going to suffer a bit for a few weeks, as I fall into a new schedule. So... I ask all of my kind readers to be patient with me.

Um... Beyond the "job" thing... My Lady and I are getting ready to head back to the Ren Fest again on Saturday. This time, we're going "dressed up" as a Scottish Couple from the "period." I'm looking forward to the trip. It should be fun.

Also... My Lady and I just spoke with the very nice woman who is having us "house-sit" for her for the next three-ish months. YAY! We're looking forward to moving back to St. Paul. The plan (which I've already spoken about) is to have a flat (apartment) lined up for December, so we can move directly from the "house-sit" into our own place. My mother is a wonderful house-mate, however... You know... The marriage will be easier without a "parent" around...

If you know what I mean.


Okay... That's enough "cheese-sandwich" blogging for the day. I'll see ya all tomorrow, I think!