Monday, September 18, 2006

Religion... Oh... Scary topic, no?

Hi folks.

I was reading one of my favourite "new" blogs. (which means I've just FOUND them, not that they're brand-new at blogging... But I digress)

Big Daddy Malcontent a great "Lefty-blogger" wrote a very good "balanced" entry about religion, and intolerance, and poked a bit at us other "Lefty Bloggers" that seem to be hell-bent (pun intended) on our self-righteousness and "secularity" or some such thing.

And after reading his entry, I felt vaguely guilty... You see, yesterdays post, I complained about DSL modems, and then took a poke at the Pope. (I just loved that consonance, don't you? poke at the Pope. Tee hee)

Well, I have always had a tendency of my typing getting ahead of my brain, and ranting and being, well... Rather rude.

So. For all the Catholics that read my blog yesterday, and were angry at me for calling Pope Benedict XVI, the Nazi Pope... Well... I apologise for upsetting you. It was not my intention to anger a Catholic. However, I must begin to realise that not everyone is as "Secular" as I am.

Whilst Big Daddy Malcontent seems to feel as though "Lefty" bloggers store up a LOT of anger, and then "explode" in a fusillade of intolerance. I must admit something about myself, that is even worse than just being Liberal...

I think religion is funny. Yep. Really, really amusing. I'm one of those people that sits around and shakes my head at the mythological ramblinigs of the modern American religous person. NO. I'm NOT an Atheist, nor am I Agnostic. I believe firmly and completely in God/Gods/Goddesses/Beings of a higher nature, et al. However... I think the "religiosity" of American Culture is at times, laughable, scary, frightening, destructive, or just, well... Cute. It can be ALL of these things at various times.

I'm one of those "weird people" that tends to trace every problem on the Earth back to a religious-foundation. Sure, many MANY wars are fought simply 'cause the other guy has stuff that we don't, so we kill them. However, religion is usually used for the 'excuse.' Actually, I find Georgie-pordgie's Iraq-War excuse (that of terrorism) to be much better... Oh...


Religious-extremism, Islamo-fascists...

Damn. Nope... We're in Iraq because of religion TOO! Der.

Well... I guess what I'm saying, and since I'm just rambling now... I should actually SAY what I was originally trying to get to in this post, shouldn't I?

Although I'm sure a LOT of 'Lefty-bloggers' are rabidly NON-religous, I can't say that I am so. I'm not. However, my rather "loose-bundle" of belief systems, give me a certain distance from the rest of my friends and family in this country.

And this "distance" sometimes makes me seem intolerant.

For this, I apologise.

Adios, readers...

-- Tuckmac